Hate Induced Trance’ was your last release, correct?


When can we expect some new spells from Ars Macabra? Are you currently working on a new album?

Yes we are currently working on a new album , I think is going to turn out in a full length new album, when and how it will be produced we don’t really know right now, since we need to figure that out ,very likely we will take care of the production.

As for licensing the product with a label, that nowadays looks like either a big rip-off and waste of time depending on the label of course, looks like if you really wanna find a real supporting label takes really a long time as lucky a band can be can find a label that probably try to distribute the records don’t seems to be able to that much for the band or invest on them.

‘Hate Induced Trance’ was a blasting and furious torment, indeed! Will you upcoming release include more diversity or will you display more savagery?

I think there will be more variety, we look forward to obtain same amount of morbid and disturbing music not necessarily through excessive speed or suffocating production, we prefer to use good ideas instead of just a harsh minimalistic sound and song structure, nothing wrong with that philosophy but just I think is better to develop whenever is it possible your own blueprint..

You have a show coming up this March with Agalloch, amongst others…tell me about your live shows that are soon at hand…

No that was an old ad, our upcoming shows will be probably local shows.

Playing at shows is another ridiculous issue.

Are you influenced by music that is not black metal, such as early American punk and hardcore?

Strictly musically dunno, may be , really maybe some energy and arrangements can come through just cause I listen all sort of stuff, I always listened to hardcore and punk

To me some HC bands are way more extreme than a bunch of clowns with a fake grim and a face painting.But once again it depends on the single individual attitude.

I just admire mainly some of the HC bands attitude and pragmatism when it comes to the scene ,concerts etc there are less hypes and stupid antagonism between “battle of the poors” bit less clichés between them, but then again they have their shitty trendy stuff too so is hard to generally make a consideration…hope you got the idea.

Do you listen to extreme music exclusively?

No, the extremism is first inside me before the music is a reflection of what comes out of me and it is not just only extremism. I honestly prefer to use my brain instead of have the urge to show off any sort of extremism through music or not..some so called black metal “extremist” has ruined that little that was good in black metal , now looking at those of some clowns that before they claimed theirself to be so extremist and mean and pseudo-satanist and all that shit is quite pathetic…I don’t know if they look at theirself and ask what the fuck really want to do, show and prove to them and to the people who listen to their music at that time….one thing I know that nobody asked them to be clown in the beginning as they could just have been stayed just normal guys that play music without all that pathetic hypes that at that times was called…….“black metal”…probably who really was into developing that movement with some deeper meaning (occultism, paganism, Satanism whatever) was overwhelmed by the all the rumors and lights that the media putted on the phenomenon , what there is of genuine all behind that I dont know,

I know there is but some dedicated individual just because didnt go to prison or make idiotic sentences or embraced polical ideology of some kind are porpably still there and work as before …the losers that went to prison and stuff could be just as miserable as an illegal alien here that nobody care and I could care less….so they just feed the black metal CIRCUS..

How has Aleister Crowley influenced your work?

Musically in no way he was a free individual most of all a mediocre writer but end up to be

quite desperate in his final stage of his life, I see him just as an icon of certain freedom and person that was willing of breaking many boundaries.For his time he was the real pioneer.

Ars Macabra has had lineup changes in the past…what are your feelings about the current members?

I don’t take anybody for granted , neither myself so…as far they work and do what is the best for the band and we all gather up pretty good is excellent, there a lot of time wasters out there

I think right now we have the best line up ever.

How have they contributed other than just playing the instruments?

Well lets see… bringing the right amount of drugs at practicing, loading and uploading instruments at venues, buying equipment etc…

I mainly compose music with my drummer ,we get along pretty good when it comes with ideas I am the one who is more productive Sargon helps out to sort out the best material.

Is it true you employed a drum machine in the past?

Yes “Daemonolatria Hypnotica” was recorded with a drum machine

How do you define black metal? Is Ars Macabra the only real black metal to you?

Definitions are very much like speculations I don’t feel like make any kind of statement or consideration on what is a definition for black metal…I think it always will be sort of vague, like are really not reliable and vague all the people I have met during these years in the so called black metal scene.

Everyone should make his own part and speak less.

Action or dedication is hard to find ..that is what I can see…

Ars Macabra black metal?…I really put myself in doing or creating my music before thinking of it as “black metal” fortunately end up in something I really like and that can be associated with that style.

Have you had any offers from record labels? I know you did a demo for labels, yes?

No yet but we didn’t search seriously we want to record something first than propose ourself with something brand new

That demo was quite a while ago

Hate Induced Trance’ offered two instrumental tracks…what were the function of these spells in your album?

They are the right intermezzo to the whole sonic assault, they keep on the mood as well

truly fit the atmosphere, something with the same intensity but with different musical nature.

Do they hold special meaning that is beyond language?

Just listen and feel them…words are unnecessary

How does your Italian ancestory influence your creative work with Ars Macabra? You must be very proud to come from such a historically significant area such as Rome!

None so far, I am not proud at this moment of my country but what it was in the past is …as it says the word is…..PAST….so speculating on somet folkloristic thematic is quite funny for me …

I cannot avoid to laugh to the many Viking bands or epic metal bands you name em…is a nice source of genuine fun, please guys keep it up!! LOL…it is 2010 anyway …

Your videos display an intense live performance…what is more powerful to the listener?

We hope so….

We hope to transmit that amount of energy + music nothing sterile as a mere musical exhibition but also a nice shows where everybody can let flow the raw energy with us

Believe it or not that’s Magik too.

A personal and private experience of an Ars Macabra album or a public live show destruction?

Yea but being hi of course !

How do you describe your music to the uninitiated?

I don’t,….. I really can’t stand uninitiated, if a person like extreme music will approach that type of music by himself naturally ,nobody needs to be taken by his hand and guided,

What sometimes this sort of music really needs is the conformity of having the needs to explain and open up to people….is such a waste of time….

How do you want Ars Macabra to be remembered once your flesh has become dust?

I am not attached to this sort of thought… I will be way more busy than worry about how my band will be remembered…..actually I will try to reincarnate and grinding with my guitar again….

The last words are yours!!!

Thank you much man for your time and dedication for this interview, we appreciate your work, KHAOS!