I can think of no better an album to be the first reviewed in the web edition of Forbidden Magazine!

Out March 8th from Byelebog Productions, this long anticipated album has waited 11 years to finally see the light. I have heard maybe half the tracks on ‘Belus’ and must say that this album will not disappoint fans of Burzum whatsoever. A powerful album heavily laden with driving guitar rhythms and textures, ‘Belus’ contains intelligible and aggressive sounding production that may result in the best Burzum album ever created.

Varg Vikernes stated that his intention was to create an album that fans could listen to for years to come and given the sonic complexity of ‘Belus’, I don’t hesitate to agree with him. The 8 songs are long, epic, heavy, moody, dark, etc.  Just about any positive adjective can be used to describe this album.  ‘Belus’ contains all the elements that make for timeless black metal and uses none of the stereotypes that make it disposable.

After all the negative imagery and publicity that Burzum has acquired since the early 1990’s,the new album’s title, ‘Belus’ is the name of an ancient European deity of light and innocence.  The name Belus appears in various incarnations throughout European mythology so we are left to wonder a great deal about the lyrical content, which is entirely in Norwegian. You can, however, find several foreign translations at www.burzum.org.
This is a killer album that will make you realize all over again how great Burzum truly is.
Highly recommended!!!