Hells, Decaylust! ‘World Cremation’ is nearing completion, yes?  Give me the real shit, brother! How many tracks will dominate the hordes? What can torment shall we suffer?

Ave, yes the album is near completion. Mastering is underway as we speak. The album clocks in at just over 36 minutes, featuring 8 tracks of primitive black death metal, with some familiar elements for old followers of the band but also some new ideas present as well. This is by far our best recording to date; we are pleased to offer this as a definite statement in the heretic evolution.

I take it there will be CD and Tape Versions of ‘World Cremation’ as well as vinyl? What about shirts, stickers and other merchandise?

It will be released on all 3 formats, a unique trinity in accordance with the old underground spirit. We have some new merch planned including shirts, hoodies, patches, etc that will be in support of the release. In terms of the actual releases we will see whether there are any extras included. Personally I like posters along with LPs, but anything extra will be considered and included only if it is a worthy addition to the release.

Denouncement Pyre has had several re-issues of your early work on cassette tape…is tape your preferred format?  Do you have a preference?

I think for demos that tape is the ideal format. We will always have everything we record issued on tape format at some stage though. The tape re-issues you talk of are ‘The Storm to End all Wars’ demo re-issue (along with bonus tracks from the first 7”, released on Kuravilu Records) and the ‘Hells Infantry’ mini-album tape (on Unholy Blasphemies Prod). We still get regular requests for the demo though it has been unavailable for a long while now, originally recorded & released in 2004. As I became aware that there were instances where the demo was sold for ridiculous prices on sites like ebay, I would prefer to have it accessible for those who are interested at a regular demo price. The Hells Infantry tape completes that release as it has now been issued on all formats.

Is ‘Barbaric Vengeance’, your live demo, still available?

No. There were a few hundred of these released in 2005, but as it was a recording taken from a live show and not a proper studio recording we have no plans to re-issue this. Maybe avid tape traders can still track this one down still.

You said something about keeping the label involved in this release a secret, yes? I take it is no longer Forgotten Wisdom Productions?
It will be announced when all details are finalised. It’s hardly an issue of secrecy, but until a deal is signed there is nothing to reveal. Forgotten Wisdom Prod are allies for sure and have supported D.P. from the early days, but we must also look at all options and of course try to progress and further spread the cause to greater parts of the planet.

What influences are present in your upcoming assault, ‘World Cremation’? Can we expect a different approach in the attack?

It’s hard to say where the influences come from in terms of music, as I ammainly inspired by things outside of metal, and whatever it produces when I write it is what I go with. I start more with a goal in terms of what atmosphere I want to create. In terms of the approach, there are still some chaotic and bestial attacks on the album, though it is a little more varied than past releases. The main aim here was to have this album sound darker, more ritualistic, more esoteric, with my interpretation of these themes leading to some slower or mid-paced arrangements rather than dominating it with blast beats, or including thrash type riffs which to me can sound too bright or ‘uplifting’. Through the use of more melodies and melodic overdubs I think it adds to the darker atmosphere also. As mentioned earlier there are still some familiar ideas there so it is definitely a full-blooded Denouncement Pyre release. If anything we have just expanded on our sound and entered into realms much darker & more mysterious than before. Somewhat of a natural progression, for me anyway.

How do you describe Denouncement Pyre? Bestial War? Raw Black? Neck Snapping Hate Assault?

I see it as an extension of my own perversity, esoteric ideas, ideology, etc. That this holds true to my own goals & experience is all I care. In terms of a musical description you can call it what you like. BlackDeathChaos is both the musical and ideological representation for us.

Denouncement Pyre is a trio, correct? One Guitar, one bass and one drummer?  How do you write material?  All together or individually?

Currently the line up is just myself & InVotan on drums. For the album I performed everything but the drums. I write all the music before entering the rehearsal room to smash it out. There some ideas are expanded on or refined.  But overall most of the material has been somewhat refined by the time it gets to this stage. Prior to 2008 there were old members of the band who contributed ideas and songs also, however now it is mostly my creation only.

Is all the material brand new or have you been perfecting some of the rituals for a while?

Half of the album was written and rehearsed as early as 2007 with an older line up. The last couple of songs came to fruition in early 2009. In a way this helped to make the album multi-dimensional as the ideas evolved over time and the newer material was more varied than the older tracks. I think this makes the final result and way it comes together as an album more interesting, so in a way the lengthy process that we endured to get this album done has been worth it. All songs are new & unreleased.

At what stage are you at with the recording? Do you have a estimated release date?

Recording & mixing is complete, with mastering to be complete soon. No release date yet. I would say mid-late 2010.

You have played some festivals in your homeland of Australia…what madness is experienced at a Denouncement Pyre show? Is live performance the truest expression of your art?
We have performed live 7 times from 2004-2007 with no shows since then. This is a side of the band I will no longer pursue and although I never say never, there are no plans to resurrect a live line-up for now. We received a good response when we played, with fierce energy and violence always on the forefront.
However the other side to this is that no, I don’t believe the live performance is the truest expression of this art. I have found many bands that are unable to bring the atmosphere from a recording to the stage, and if one cannot accurately channel this in front of an audience then I would rather not do it or see it done. For Denouncement Pyre, I no longer care for this, as the music is an expression of something far greater & powerful than what I have experienced at most metal shows. The live arena suits some bands, but others it doesn’t. We fall under the latter.

What artists do you worship and consider major influences on Denouncement Pyre?

I listen to plenty of old/new Black & Death metal as well as other genres of music. But as I see it, any particular influences are on a subconscious level only. I don’t write music to set out to emulate any bands. The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere in accordance with what we are trying to achieve. That is to channel & release the dark forces that govern all existence, from beyond and into beyond. I worship the source of this creation, respect those who understand and share it, but worship no bands or idols.

What do you despise most in life, causing the maniacal emotion expressed in your music?

All leeches and parasites that hinder my existence and anyone who stands in the way of my own advancement. Beyond this, all can suffer the burden of their mundane lives, for I do not care.

Is there a spiritual, religious or philosophical foundation to Denouncement Pyre? What ideology do you employ? Do you even give a fuck?

Absolutely, I would find little purpose to play this music without any conviction or connection to what is experienced everyday. If you look beyond you will see beyond. All things have a purpose. And the source of this purpose resides deep within the void of the subconscious that premeditates all manifestation in this existence. The question is; can you reach it? Are you a vessel for this force? If you could channel it would you release it upon the world? But it is not my duty to inform anyone of what they are. Outside of my circle everything is irrelevant. The spiritual de-evolution of the world is contributing to the cause. Follow the signs….

Are you still active with your other projects, Hunter’s Moon and Nocturnal Graves? I enjoyed ‘The Serpent’s Lust’…what is going on with these groups?

I contribute lyrics & vocals to Hunters Moon. There is a full-length album in the works. The material I have heard through pre-production sounds promising. Expect something a little different to what you may know from the previous release. No concrete date as to when this will manifest. Time reveals all.

Nocturnal Graves released a split LP recently. I played live guitars with N.Graves for 7 shows last year in Aus & across Europe. We also played a show with Destroyer 666 & Vomitor earlier this year which was killer. My involvement is limited to this; I don’t contribute to the direction of the band.

Which project best defines you as an artist? If you could only have one group, which would you choose?

Denouncement Pyre is my main priority and occupies most of my time. With the other bands I contribute only when it is needed. With my position it’s not something I am required to do ongoing. Also, as I write the material for DP I would think this defines my tastes and ideology accurately.

The last words are yours, Decaylust!
Thank you for the interest. Await the full-length World Cremation – The final storm at the End of Days. Onwards into Suffering………