An Interview with Dhul-Qarnayn submitted by Jose of Mutilador Zine.

Dhul-Qarnayn was formed in the early year 2006 in Bahrain as a project after the demise of former project “Qeyamah”, how was the process?, any plans to have more musicians with you?

Well, Qeyamah was my first project which I started at the age of 14, it was more of a birth in my artistic visions, and afterwards I decided to take my expression to an even further extremity with a more powerful purpose, in which case Dhul-Qarnayn was brought to life. There will never be any mire members other than myself in Dhul-Qarnayn, it’s the graveless crypt I built to bury myself in. And there is no one with me, or you, in the greatness that is death.

Your sound is something that can be a mix between concepts like the book Memnoch the Vampire and the movie Begotten, how you describe your sound?, what inspires you?

I dont think I have a certain fixed “sound” to answer that question, it’s a more suitable question for the listener. Multilateral perception is a great attribute, hate or love it, they’re both a necessity in this evocation

Burzum indeed is one of your influences, you just edited “Det Bur Ulv” A tribute EP and it includes an original song, even you design part of the art, why do you create this tribute? and also, why are the lyrics written in Norwegian?, why give it away as a free download?

To start with, Burzum was one of the first bands I started listening to Burzum back in the day, despite not completely agreeing with his ideology, I do admire his intellect and work as the years progressed, I always give credit where it is due. The lyrics are written in Norwegian because it tells the tale of a man that was imprisoned forhis beliefs and hatred towards what has happened to his culture because of the holy scum we have today, and what better way to emit that through the language of his homeland. I did not release it officialy because I didnt have the copyright to officialy release the EP, due to the use of his photos which were used on the album covers.The reason I kept it for free download is because it’s a rare tribute album, and I dont want to limit it. “

“Dhul-Qarnayn” literally means “He of the Two Horns” and it is given to a ruler because he “reached the two “Horns” of the sun, east and west, where it rises and where it sets”, some said it is Alexander the Great, others thinks is to Cyrus the great, anyhow, why choosing this name?, “reached the two horns” what does it mean in you and Dhul-Qarnayn?

That is correct, although this was not my purpose for using the name, I wanted to give it a more reflective meaning, and a more different elegy, hence I found that only Satan fit the frame of the portrait.

There have been a few members associated with the project but they leave soon, are you very demanding?, what are you looking in someone who can be part of Dhul-Qarnayn?

They were kicked out because they lived a double life too attached to the materialistic exsistence we face in our daily rituals, and I did not accept this. I knew there was no point in keeping them in any longer, so I decided to pursue my work alone.

Besides your demo “Shirk” you have several splits but one which caught my eye is Narcotized in Salute Records, a 3 way split that I think is an historical piece, if not wrong, the first Black Metal muslim split?, what can you tell us of the rest of the bands in the split?

“Narcotized” is the first anti-islamic split from bands that come from the middle-east, unfortunately this monument of a release was tampered with by Salute Records, the production of was decreased without our permission, I dont know what the reason of Salute Records was for thisbut I was very disappointed. The other bands that are part of this release are Al Namrood from Saudia Arabia, and Ayyur from Tunisia. Narcotized was originally going to be the name of Ayyur’s demo, but after many discussions myself and Angra Mainyu had, we decided to turn it into a split album,and we contacted Al Namrood, Halla from Iran, and Ayat from Lebanon. Halla could not be a part of this split due to some personal complications, and Ayat wasnt available at the time. After we completed the split, I self-released it in it’s original production.

Why so many splits?, do you have good relationship with the other bands?

It was a great way to combine both atmospheres of seperate bands into one, perhapes very evocative in some sense. I am in contact with some bands on a personal level, yes.

Almost all your productios are under different labels like Hatewraith Productions, NilProductions, Salute Records, even self produced, it is difficult to find a label which fits your needs and style?

I dont think so, I dont mind any label as long as it wont fail to meet my expectations, which arent strict, but more on a loyal basis. One of them is definately Shaytan Productions from Canada.

It is difficult to be a black metal project in the Muslim culture?, its not dangerous?, how you get into black things?

It is dangerous yes, people have gotten into prison for something as minor as political protest, and there has been alot of controversy going on about “The Devil’s Music” as I like to call it since the beginning of the year 2000.I have alot of enemies, I’ve never made that private. But I dont take what complete imbeciles have in their mind seriously, they fear what they do not understand, like dogs. they will eventually eliminate themselves.

BLACK METAL and its philosophy how impact in you and your life?

I’d say Black Metal itself is a philosophy of life. And death, many have walked away from common life, and many have died because of common minds. The genre came to life through the deepest depths of hate in which life as we know it manifested.

Although Dhul-Qarnayn started in 2006 you have more experience in other bands and side projects, how you think your style have changed through time?, do you feel you have progresed?, How would you describe your musical progress over the years?

I’ve always had a gleaming vision, since the age of 9 when I walked away from religion and society, I did not have the equipment, but the vision always remained there, as I began obtaining the suitable tools to craft what I’ve been supressing all these years,it all began filling in the blanks.

What about your other projects like Serpents Briar & kusoof? How you have time?

I always have time for art. When I feel the erupting need, I channel it.

You do great music, what kind of equipment do you have? Any computer assistance? Any new concept experiments?

I record everything in my home studio, I use an M-Audio Fast Track pro and a MagicStomp guitar effects processer for recording, and I use Melody Assistant for compositions, and both Sonar and Mixcraft for mixing, mastering and recording. For drums I sometimes use either an electric drumkit or a drum machine, for now.

Bahrain is a small country but with oil, hows life in your country?, since remote times haves a strategic position because its an island between two seas… mmm, two seas, two horns… strange.

I’m glad you linked you linked the meaning of my land and the meaning of my name, they both play a role. Life here is lifeless, and dull, it’s all as though they are working ants, that wake up, work, and return to their habitat, they all have the same programmed mind, and it’s sickening. This place is a graveyard. All that’s missing is my tomb.

What can we expect of Dhul-Qarnayn in the future?, new recordings?, new albums or splits?

At the moment I am recording my new EP “Beyond Human Malice” no further explainations are needed, the title says it all. As for the rest, it’s only a matter of patience.

The internet how good or bad is for you?, what do you think of mp3 trade?

Well recently the government has decided all sites they feel are “immoral” they dont want people to get “brainwashed” as if they aren’t already. MP3 download or trading is the only choice people from my area have, CDs arent easy to get here.

Surely we left out some important things, something you want to add that we left?

Amrageddon is near, man will destroy us all.

Where can the people know more about you and your projects?, any url or email address?

All my projects are a reflection are each an inner chamber of my being, no matter which approach door you look through, a different emittion will overcome yours, no matter how diverse or incoherrent it may seem. My personal information will remain personal.

To finish the interview, any message for Mutilador readers?

Saludos camarados