The artful album cover to this French release by solo artist Fursy Teyssier led me to listen to it and to be honest, it isn’t really all that extreme as far as extreme metal goes.  It has its metal elements but doesn’t blast or blaspheme, by any means. However, Les Discrets create a somber and thoughtful setting for one to experience by intertwining more relaxed acoustic passages with driving and progressive rock rhythms with ease. The album contains a large magnitude of enchanting sounds that demand a second or third listen.

A standard Digipak will be available as well as a 56 page art book edition that includes a short film on DVD.  Not too bad of a start for Les Discrets, terrific for the fan of more artful, introspective and melancholy-metal music fan. If you want something to rip your face off, steer clear of this one.  If want to listen to an album that makes you feel like your reading a book, as strange as that may be, listen to this work.