Other than the two minute drone intro and outro tracks that seem to be mandatory for so many black metal artists, I found ‘Militiae’,the full length debut from the French demons Nyseius, to be a worthwhile listen. When you have 35 minutes spread over 6 tracks of solid black darkness, are a pair of two minute ‘bookend’ tracks necessary on a 6 track album? At what point is it a full length?  Sorry, but Nyseius do not need a direction-less album gimmicks…they do a fine job of setting a creepy and dark atmosphere with their actual songs.

‘Militiae’ doesn’t contain many guitar riffs that make up song structures, necessarily. Nyseius combine their individual instruments to form one solid wave of darkness causing ‘Militiae’ to be an album that is not as easily remembered as it is experienced. Several songs contain clean passages that help lend to the atmosphere and make no mistake that ‘Militiae’ contains everything you could want in a black metal ritual. The vocals are razor-edged, dripping with poison.  The guitars employ single note harmonies and textures rather than crushing power chords.  The blasting rhythm section doesn’t get stale or monotonous and the attacks are only more severe as they advance.
Spill the blood for Nyseius!