Last Sunrise, the latest release from Indianapolis, Indiana’s doom quartet Apostle of Solitude, offers up yet another helping of thunderous, metallic, classic-sounding assaults that will surely satisfy the hunger of any metal fanatic. Sabbath-like, creeping riffs and plodding percussion sprawl throughout this record as perfect companions to the hauntingly powerful vocals. The death march-bearing title track serves as a fine instrumental intro to the glory that lies ahead. Meanwhile, tracks like ‘December Drives Me To Tears’ and ‘Frontiers of Pain’ switch gears a bit, stylistically-speaking. The former bears traces of ghostly piano, while the latter eventually explodes with a twist of hardcore. Apostle of Solitude close out the European version of the record with three cover tunes, paying tribute to Thin Lizzy, The Misfits and Celtic Frost. In the end, the band has created a perfect follow up to 2008’s Sincerest Misery and one would be a complete fool to ignore it.