Coffinworm, Lair of the Minotaur, Slam Dunk, Red Shadows
April 16, 2010
The Melody Inn
Indianapolis, Indiana
Review by Nate of the Living Dead

The night was a celebration of releases from three of the four bands on the bill and the crowd at the Melody Inn was proof positive that there was indeed a justified reason for a rager!

Things got off to a rabid start when Indianapolis 4-piece, Red Shadows brought their Danzig/Disfear/Tragedy-influenced brand of punk/metal mutations to the masses to showcase the revealing of their new e.p. It is definitely a great preview of what is to come from these guys! As evident by the crowd’s reaction to songs like “The Benefit” and “Ol’ Pissteeth”, that notion seems unanimous. Vocalist/bassist Bake Henry and the rest of the Red Shadows gang definitely brought their game to the table.

Up next were Bloomington, Indiana’s hardcore outfit, Slam Dunk, which features members of Phoenix Bodies among others. Being the only band of the night to not have a new release on the table, they still unleashed the hounds regardless, with “Lucy’s Song” and “Floor” being two thrashing examples of why everyone should check these guys out when the opportunity arises.

When Chicago’s metal juggernaut 3-piece Lair of the Minotaur took the stage, many horns were raised in anticipation of the imminent doom the crowd was about to face with a smile. Featuring bassist Nate Olp (also of Demiricous), the band were in town to display the relentless might of their new release Evil Power (The Grindhouse Records), and did so with crushing fury. While some “favorites” such as “Assassins of the Cursed Mist” were not on the agenda that night, LoTM brought their hammer down in a suitable fashion once again.

Closing the evening’s festivities was Indy’s blackened messengers of doom, Coffinworm. Vocalist Dave Britts and company once again unleashed the band’s merciless orchestrations of chaos local fans have grown to love, as well as definitely stepping it up a notch or two in observance of the much-anticipated birth of their full-length creation When All Became None (Profound Lore) and the material within. The band’s live ritual of audio decimation was once again accompanied by gore-caked video clips of Fulci and Argento among others. The performance offered up yet another example of why Coffinworm are a force not to be ignored. Do not sleep on a chance to witness their madness!!

All in all, the evening appeared to be a victorious one, for all four bands. Hails!!

Coffinworm photo: Kris Arnold
Lair of the Minotaur photo: Rev. Aaron/returntothepit