Indianapolis, Indiana’s Coffinworm have just released their first bludgeoning full-length collection of crusty, blackened-doom monstrosities , When All Became None through Profound Lore Records. With the aid of Sanford Parker, the band continues from where their 3-track Great Bringer of Night demo left off, forging a chaotic and bloody path along the way, leaving no room for doubt in their wake. In the six sludge-covered tracks on the record, Coffinworm prove their worth and authenticity in the world of extreme/heavy music and their expression is a brutally honest art form. Pummeling songs such as “Blood Born Doom”, “Spitting in Infinity’s Asshole” and “High On the Reek of Your Burning Remains” drive the point home with ease, directly into the listener’s psyche. Two of the three tracks on the demo also make an appearance here, however they have evolved from the beasts of devastation they already were. These guys kill it, from start to finish. If only the record were twice as long!