The latest full-length offering from Bogota, Colombia’s black metal demon horde, Horncrowned is a full-throttle, satanic metal attack. While the overall atmosphere of Casus Belli Antichristianus is rooted solid in traditional black metal stylings, it is quite clear the band is in tune with it’s own art and the message that comes with it: They are Satan’s army, and both barrels are blazing with the fires of Hell.

The record begins with the track “Outbreak of War” with an ominous intro of thunderclaps and a repetitious rhythym of what could be the march of Satan’s minions into battle, complete with horns and an eerie, indecipherable voiceover. It soon explodes into the whirlwind of torturous, blacked agony that is scattered throughout the rest of the record on tracks such as “Anticlericalism (Absolute Evil Supremacy)” and “Blackfire Stratocumulus”. The record’s eighth track, “Defeated Christ” opens fire immediately, never stopping for breath in it’s bludgeoning pace. This furious and angry thrashing is present through most of the record. It is only at the end of Casus Belli Antichristianus that Horncrowned lightens things up a bit, when at the end of the closing track “Goat’s Troops Conquers”, it sounds as if the storm is passing, until the band’s next offering anyway.

Casus Belli Antichristianus succeeds in taking things to a new level from Horncrowned’s previous effort, Satanic Armageddon. Both the music and the production qualities are worthy assets in the band’s unholy arsenal.

It is my bet that most black metal fans may not find many surprises within Casus Belli Antichristianus as the band seems to stick to a familiar formula from the start to finish. My only complaint lies in the general lack of any stylistic gear-changing. Sure, I’m just as much of a fan of neck-breaking black metal annihilation as the next guy, but I kept expecting an intermission of sorts. A somber, impeding doom type of dirge, if you will, to lure more souls in before the next track grabs them by the throat in a devil’s grip.  Maybe that’s just me. All in all, Horncrowned’s Casus Belli Antichristianus is a collection of blasting, no-frills black metal blasphemies that are definitely worthy of a listen, but the listener shouldn’t expect to have their mind blown with a completely new experience.