The fourth full-length by Chicago three-piece Lair of the Minotaur, Evil Power, definitely lives up to its name. From start to finish, it conjures imagery of total annihilation at the business end of a battle axe, and the thunderous, crushing doom of metal’s cloven hoof on the face of the mainstream.

Released through the band’s own label, The Grindhouse Records and masterfully produced by Sanford Parker, Evil Power maintains much of the band’s bludgeoning stylistic assault present on past efforts. LOTM introduce a somewhat punk influence on songs like the bluntly-titled “Lets Kill These Motherfuckers” and spoken word vocals are present later on “Death March of the Conquerors“. Meanwhile, songs like “Goatstorm” are still very much aligned with the sound on the band’s last two records. Lyrically, Evil Power seems a bit more stripped-down in some parts, compared to the content of say, the thrashy, mythology-smeared chaos of War Metal Battle Master or The Ultimate Destroyer before that. While still keeping a tight grip on that record’s sludge-splattered metallic fury, Evil Power gets right to the point with a no-bones-about-it evolution of the band’s sound. It is while delivering that message that LOTM (which features former and present members of Demiricous and 7000 Dying Rats) deliver a solid effort with a crushing sound no different than the one you would hear if the Kraken were to close its jaws on your skull.

While Evil Power is probably not the personal LOTM favorite of this reviewer,  it still gains a definite, horns-high recommendation to longtime fans of the band and newcomers alike.