Be Sure to check out the Wrath Passion/Verkrag Video on the sidebar for the song ‘Black Hole’!!!

Tell me about this video you just did with guest vocals from Verkrag…how did this collaboration come about?

I asked Anton van Niekerk from Verkrag during a conversation if he had the possibility to write lyrics and record vocals for that song and he did an exellent job, that’s how this collaboration came about. Anton proposed to make a video and I thought it was a good idea.

Is the track ‘Black Hole’ available on a release?

Not yet but it will be.

How was this song, ‘Black Hole’ written?  Was it new or had you both been working on it for some time? How was the recording process?

I recorded the music like I use to, just making something up there and then more or less and Anton worked on the vocals for a while that’s how it was written. It’s one of several songs recorded for a new album so it’s pretty new compared to previous work.

‘Black Hole’ is not your first video, either.  What makes it different…I must say it is probably my favorite!

It’s created entirely by Anton that makes it different and it’s my fave too.

You did a video for ‘From Hateful Visions’; your version of a Judas Escariot track…why this song and a video for it?

Basically because I like that song, a friend suggested that it should be made a video and it was.

Is that track not on a standard release, just for download from Reverb Nation?

That’s correct.

Your newest album, ‘A Visit in Hell’ is download only, correct? Why did you choose to release the album this way?

It wasn’t released on CD before January 15th this year, before that it was available only digitally. The reason is that the hardisk containing about one year of new recordings broke down so I lost everything. The few tracks that was saved elsewhere was put together and released digitally because I could do it for free and make it available to those who wanted to hear it.

So many bands have mixed feelings about videos and trying to stay ‘trve’, ‘kvlt’ or ‘underground’…what are your thoughts on some of these aesthetics?

They can do what they want I don’t care; I’m certainly doing what I want and will continue doing so.

There is a great bio on the Wrath Passion Myspace Page on the topic of ‘aesthetics’…where do you think your viewpoints came from?  Is there a certain philosophy or knowledge that led to your open-minded attitude?

No, not one certain philosophy but fragments from many I suppose. It was written by Patricia Thomas based on questionaries back in October 2008 and it’s a true representation of my attitude but it needs an update on the happenings the last year and a half.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, how did you get your start in music?  Your music is very guitar driven yet well aware of good composition and direction…

You know that thing with many strings that slice boiled eggs; I started to play those strings as soon as I was old enough to grab a spoon at the breakfast table.

Wrath Passion has recorded a number of instrumental tracks, such as ‘Tordenskrammel’…do you attach a certain meaning to these tracks or do you leave it up for total interpretation?  What is the translation of the track ‘Tordenskrammel’, in your words?

It would possibly had vocals if the record company’s deadline for the the Careful Saint CD release had been longer. I guess a direct translation is Thunder Rumble.

The guitar I often see you with appears to be an Explorer…do you play it exclusively or do you have others?  I assume you do your own recordings as well?

Not exclusively but I play that guitar nearly all the time, it’s a Slammer by Hamer XP-1 Standard. I sometimes play a Squier by Fender Showmaster with Floyd Rose vibrato and scalloped neck. And sometimes a twin neck Epiphone by Gibson SG stringed from H to H with superheavy strings.

What bands are you currently listening to? Any artists you want to recommend?

I would recommend checking out Verkrag and A Transylvanian Funeral. Prayer of The Dying and Dying Messiah is also recommendable. I don’t listen to much music else than those bands I come across during my activities on the web.

If you could release a split with any artist, who would it be? Why?

The reason would be to share costs and double the promotional effect. I’ve not thought of such a wishlist. I think the music should be similar in some way. An example of a split that I think is exellent is Engangsgrill, well worth checking out.

How much material do you write compare to what you release?  Is there a lot of unreleased Wrath Passion tracks that we may get to hear some day?

Yes there is more or less two albums of unreleased material that you will be able to hear some day.

I can tell that Christophe Spzajdel did your logo…He did one for me as well!  How did that relationship come about…I know he just put out a book of his work…

Yes, he did and I applied to a contest arranged by Herlaka Rose and Christophe picked Wrath Passion as the winner and a few weeks later I got the logo and have used it happily ever since. The Lord of Logos is a unique book which I encourage everybody to get a copy of.

What does the rest of this year hold for Wrath Passion?

Keep working and release CD’s is the plan for this year. A Wrath Passion merchandise promotional campaign will start this summer, Elena Bathory and Vanessa both the Dark Funeral Diaboliswear models and Moarte Savage are doing the modeling. It also seems like Wrath Passion will be on one movie soundtrack and music in another movie, the development on these things are not in my control so details will be posted as soon as things happened.

Are there any plans for Wrath Passion to perform live or release a DVD?

No there aren’t such plans. I’m not saying there never will be but it isn’t any plans now.

Are there any more collaborations in the works?

Possibly, but not any specific in the works right now besides Anton van Niekerk.

What are your last words?

Thanks for the talk and thanks for all support from around the world!