The Legion of Tchort


Mutilador Zine

T: Why is the mythical name Abrahel? We see that the City was promoting Promo Too Mature brutal as the City would be the debut of itself?

Incuberus: Dark Greetings, Brother Tchort!
As the name of Abrahel was already a name I had in mind since 1995.
He also had a history in head count, and I looked for names of demons.
I saw that everyone was already used by gangs, including at least some of Abrahel.
From the beginning it was a name that seduced me a lot, and I came like a glove to develop my story.
The promo has worked quite well. We can not complain too much.
The debut albums are always difficult to make them walk by themselves, because nobody knows you, and there are many bands in the market for a scene that already is very saturated.

T: Now with the departure of City Debut “Abrahel” a collector’s item and connoisseurs of good metal in the music and the magical setting that keeps it in his lyrics and in their design, what should we expect?

Incuberus: The first episode. The beginning of everything.
The introduction to the story that should be included in subsequent deliveries.
In this first paper has details about the individual that will eventually become the demon succubus Abrahel. The how and why.
And in the Music, a music that serves as the soundtrack of our texts, and sometimes, without having to write too, the ear of the listener does the rest to understand what is being told at all times.
Everything is designed to operate simultaneously. So I recommend anyone who openly listen to our record that first put it on from beginning to end and let your imagination run wild for 52 minutes.
After listening to it again and try to follow the lyrics while the music plays.
It’s an album designed to be listened to from beginning to end but the songs, each different chapters of the first episode, are designed so that individual can function alone as well.

T: Two Intros, divided amazing to teleport to a battleground created by you to us, four powerful tracks divided into tracks for a period not too short and two long with a final return or perhaps as a passage to another world says close it. “We discussed item by item?

Incuberus: Actually is an introduction only, but is divided into two parts.
Was separated to give fluidity to the listener. Since we assumed that more than one would charge ahead once had heard the first part.
So we divided it into two tracks to provide everyone who wanted to skip the first part of the introduction entitled “Through the Edge of Violence” and would go directly to “hate Vestri Agens.
Or even if you wanted to skip the two, and go directly to “The Wrathman Morkath.”
We discuss it issue by issue:

1. – “Through the Edge of Violence”:
It is the men attack a village Morkath. Just when the weather is adverse and attacked the people would not expect it is night and are all protected from the rain.
We hear about first riders on horseback who stop waiting for the signal.
The signal is heard after the watchman of the village head is cut off and fall to the ground.
First there is a first charge on horseback warriors arrive later on foot, taking their way all they can to go.
We can hear the screams of women and babies crying and the heat of battle.

2 .- “Odio Agens Vestri”
It is the triumphant song of Morkath.
It means “Inflamed with hatred towards you” in Latin.

3 .- “The Wrathman Morkath”
Here is where you have to know Morkath at its best and in action.
There is a fixed Ente it has been for centuries looking for a soul such as yours to give life to what was to become the demon Succubus Abrahel.
He feels everything that happens within our character, he introduces himself and speaks.

4 .- “Sexual Black Lips of Doom (The Dark Nymph)
That is the only song on the album where it talks of the devil succubus Abrahel.
Here I present to our muse and main character of all time, and which will realize in subsequent deliveries.
“… She’s the most luxurious succubus. And his name … Abrahel ”

5 .- “Transcend the Gateway”
Morkath is in the autumn of his life, and that’s when he finally takes the decision to die and be born as human and beast up the gauntlet that he threw Ente.
Also here is explained and gives a brief overview of his life and why we disclose many things about his personality and behavior as reported in the third track on the disc. And finally why make your decision.
Musically it is a small tribute to the Father also Quorthon and his entire legacy, sadly deceased in 2004.

6 .- “The Priests of Transition”
It is the rite of passage told in first person by our man.
What he sees, hears and feels.
Also here is made known to the dark priests of the Transition.

7 .- “Passage”:
This is a instrumental song that does not need words to express anything more than a small notation in the booklet to help the listener to understand everything.
Passage in English means transit.
And this is the transition between human and demonic statements have our character after the ritual of transition.
We hear the fluid injected into the story of the previous song do their work while he sleeps soundly and is being transformed.
Is a continuum. A bridge to the next record that will collect the witness just where it ends.

T: In the singing style reminds me of Emperor Ihsahn. It must be very difficult to play the guitar and coordinate the kind of voice that you put in each stanza, because it changes all the time, giving fluidity to the topic. Especially those lasting 12 minutes with thousands of changes. Have you had mentioned?

Incuberus: Well well … Ihsahn is a great musician who does not arrive or the soles of shoes.
And my voice is something different from what he does.
I have no default voice when singing myself. Always flows spontaneously and naturally. And always try to give more power wherever the letter and the story made it necessary in every moment of every song.
The duration of the subjects is something we have never raised at the time of writing.
When we Agaliareth and me, everything is agreed and the final two, and it is not until we finished the song that did not look at the time.

T: In the “Transcend the Gateway” did you give the pen drive, and tells a true and wonderful history as are the other songs. Tell me about this and tell me what do concerto is hard to remember all this and play the guitar? Must be a Master.

Incuberus It would be difficult if not practiced from time to time in the trials. Fortunately, the letters to be mine and make me, I learn it is much easier if someone did to me.
And playing guitar and singing is also something that takes practice.
I’ve always been a singer. My thing with the guitar as it was an accident.
We were alone in the band and I Agaliareth because the other members, for one thing or other had left the band.
So I started playing guitar by myself I went and saw interesting things. Among them some of the songs on this album.
“The Wrathman Morkath ‘was the first song I wrote and I am really proud of how this turned out like the others.
Having always sung, it was easier to enter the voice while playing guitar.

T: I see you do a very good duo Agaliareth and you, Incuberus. I imagine they spend long hours practicing. They have had perhaps former members are now in other bands. Just for now be with session musicians?

Incuberus: The truth is that we have always understood me and him pretty well.
And when we compose and play that magical complicity between the two.
We have not been able to test more than one day a week working hours incompatible. But now it seems that we can practice some day.
The truth is we have not had much luck so far with the other members.
It costs a lot to find committed and serious people who want to share a project with you. And there all have their own band.
At the moment we have the cooperation of a session bassist, is throwing us a really good hand at live.
Perhaps in future we find somebody who decide to stay in the band not only with bass, but also as a second guitarist or … Why not a keyboard player?

T: Have you read the story of the shepherd who gave his son for being with Abrahel? Much is said the “Queen of the Succubi” or “demon dedicated to seduce the poor in spirit.” Always taking the form of a beautiful woman who captivates and dispose of them at will, leading them to commit real madness. What else can we add you?

Incuberus: Yes I have read it …
The pastor was called Pierrot and this happened in France on the banks of the Moselle back in the sixteenth century.
We advance here that will be one of the chapters of the next installment of the story.
I’m still putting the finishing touches to the music to get it ready and put it in common with Agaliareth.
And about the succubi, not to dwell too much here, you will find lots of information (not all) in the network.
As for the succubus Abrahel, the good and the bad thing is that there is almost nothing written. So I can let my imagination, and introduce many products on my own in my story.

T: The presentation is impeccable. A great design. What we want to say about this?

Incuberus: For all the illustrations were drawn by the hand of a reputable tattoo artist and illustrator from Barcelona called Temmy Tattoo.
I myself translated the lyrics into Spanish and gave him my idea about everything, then have him do the rest in a masterly manner as can be seen throughout the script.
The cover down is inspired by the lyrics of “Morkath The Wrath” and “Transcend the Gateway, while the design has been the backdrop for the text on the inside of the libretto, was inspired by the lyrics of” The Priests of Transition. ”
And just below the playable disc after the tray is the only transparent color illustration of the entire disk.
We arranged for the invaluable assistance of an Italian actress and model called “Lady Eter, and know-how with our friend Nemoris photoshop” Art and blood “to do the rest.
Since “Black Lips …” is the only song on this album which speaks of our muse, we also wanted to give the leadership that truly deserves.

T: As it says on the cover this is just the beginning. Perhaps the endless beginning of a band that puts 100% in the composition of songs, lyrics and sound. Let me tell you I am well structured, can only be missing the part of marketing that is as even as the product of that long?

Incuberus: Well that is our weak point, because we’re a pretty underground band and we are in a small independent label, on the other hand was the only one who has chosen us and we will always be grateful.
The truth is that we would like our music reach as many people as possible. But it’s hard.
We have neither the means nor the necessary infrastructure.
Although I have many records in my personal collection, in which I had to make a great effort to get them and there they are. I have them as small works of art saved as gold cloth.

T: Anything you want to add and where to get this CD, and other merchandise?

Incuberus: For our label has done a lot of trades with various labels distributed throughout the globe.
They are small seals, as Voliac, have a list of catalog sales.
Anyone who might be interested in acquiring a copy of Abrahel, simply contact us by email of the band e-mail:
Now you would say the site closest to your town or city to order, or if we could not always send ourselves.
We’re doing a launch promotion for 15 € which includes:
Disco + T-shirt (regular or feminine / girlie in all market sizes) + plate with the logo of the band. (Shipping not included)


T: Brother None Incuberus, first thank you for the music created and the quality of human being you are.