Oscuro y loco magia…

Mexico’s Hacavitz have returned from the Abyss to offer up their 3rd full length release, ‘Metzli Obscura’…9 tracks of blasting and thrashing madness to twist the head from your fucking shoulders. Composed of two primary members, the duo of death that is Hacavitz knows how to deliver your soul unto the darkness beyond…

‘Metzli Obscura’ is a furious release built upon layers of drum destructions, flesh ripping guitars and razor sharp vocals.  The album occasionally slows down, offering a moody feel and chord structure such as in the track ‘ Hablan Los Muertos’…but don’t get me wrong.  The melodic atmosphere is brief and quickly replaced with a blast beat aimed at your various vital organs. The enchanting track ‘Cahuitl Tlalticpac’ is a strong work of dark vision displaying a great sense of progression, balance and mood setting in a song.

The thrash element is burning hot on ‘Metzli Obscura’, without a doubt.  Hacavitz are tight as fuck, giving 110% on every note of every track.  Mix the death guitar overtones, layered vocals screaming grunts with blasting drum insanity and an unhealthy dose of thrash attitude and you have ‘Metzli Obscura’.  I was really impressed by the unrelenting fury of this release coupled with the level of performance. This album is a great follow up to their 2008 split with USBM masters Thornspawn, albeit with a little more intelligible production standard.

I suppose that the biggest drawback I encountered when banging my head to ‘Metzli Obscura’ is that the riffs are too busy to be memorable.  That isn’t to say you can’t listen to this album 666 times and remember ‘that one killer riff’ or whatever….you can.  ‘Metzli Obscura’ is a towering storm of madness that is well suited to the South American black metal thrash style. With the exception of the previously mentioned ‘Cahuitl Tlalticpac’, the album does little to demand your subconscious recite its passages. The slowest song is really not the most noteworthy track, certainly not!  The most noteworthy aspect of the release is its flawless execution of crushing metal madness.

While my knowledge of Aztecan and Spanish language isn’t really good enough to translate (Google didn’t help much, either), I can deduct that ‘Metzli Obscura’ means ‘dark metal’…half the song titles are in Hacavitz’s native tongue and will remain a mystery to this fan.  Go check out the ‘Dark Metal Assault’ from one of Mexico’s finest war-tribes, Hacavitz!