Italy’s Nefarium launch a war against the Vatican City with their 3rd full length, ‘Ad Discipulum’, an assault of dark fucking hatred for anything remotely resembling the Church.  Their sound is about as fast, black and utterly violent as anything you can image and each of the 8 tracks on ‘Ad Discipulum’ is “dedicated” to a figure from the Christian cult. The album’s opener, ‘Tongue of the First Pope (Simon Peter)’, sets the tone and assures that the war-song of Satan is heard and his dominance of this Earth is understood.

Since their unholy birth in 1999, Nefarium have earned a reputation for delivering speed-demon black metal to place them amongst the likes of masters Marduk or Dark Funeral.  ‘Ad Discipulum’ rarely gives the listener a chance to chance his or her breath anywhere in its 35 minute duration.  Where such speed and aggression could easily wear thin with some other artists, Nefarium’s permanent drummer, Garghuf (God Seed, Enthroned) keeps the assault interesting and full of well positioned attacks.  Blasphemies are delivered through the shredded throat and chainsaw guitar of Carnifex with a guest vocal appearance by Wilderness Perversion of Mortuary Drape on the track ‘Bastard Son of Satan (Jesus Christ)’.

Also making an appearace is Archaon of 1349 who assumes corporeal form long enough to summon guitar leads for two skull crushing tracks.  While I have never been a big fan of ‘scribbled’ or ‘dive-bomb’ guitar solos, these two additions lend themselves well to the songs in question.  Being a guitar player, I have always been more interested in rhythm and song structure so when Nefarium displayed their chops, I listened.  The layers are thick and dark between the dual guitars offering a compliment/contrast approach that makes for an exceptionally good listen.  If I have to pick a favorite track, let it be ‘Servus Servorum Satanae (Benedictus XVI)…there are some really melodic and epic guitars in the intro that help set it apart from the other tracks.

I don’t really think that this is a new frontier for Nefarium.  Like I said before, they have a history of playing fast and playing well…’Ad Discipulum’ may just be them doing it at their best.  The last track, ‘Mass Infanticide by the King of Judea (Herod the Great), even offers a fluid tempo increase…the band keeps speeding up the blast until the tape machine breaks and it winds down…perfect closure to this ripping release.   The production of the release is arguable the best in their catalog as well. The instruments are well balanced and hit hard while the vocals drive the iron spike through your forehead in the name of Satan.

Is it necessary to play this fast and aggressive? Yes.  Does it get fucking old? No. Don’t be a fucking pussy! Metal is supposed to tear off your head, put it on a post and burn your pitiful body.  Nefarium does this flawlessly, walking away from your charred and black smoldering corpse without even a thought of looking back!