I haven’t really stopped listening to this album since I got the promo.  Never mind the mere flesh wounds you have received from other albums kicking your pathetic ass, Columbus, Ohio’s Prosanctus Inferi will leave you torn in half. Period. You shouldn’t even waste your time reading the remainder of this review, just go to the link at the bottom of the page and get a listen. In the event you need me to tell you why ‘Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation’, Prosanctus Inferi’s debut full length, is such a motherfucker of a release, read on. After briefly experiencing the audio onslaught that is ‘Pandemonic…’, it should be quite obvious. By far, this is 2010’s most possessed and destructive album yet…

So I’ll try to get the negative aspects of ‘Pandemonic…’ out of the way.  First, the song titles are completely and utterly beyond the vocabulary of your typical listener, myself included.  I fucked around for 5 minutes trying out different online translations and didn’t really come up with anything conclusive so you will have to do your own homework as to what translations reveal!  The combination of  this dark linguistic display, whatever the fuck monstrosity adorns the cover of ‘Pandemonic…’ and the often elusive, guttural and incomprehensible vocals make this release a mystery, demanding you to listen again and again.  Is that a negative aspect?  In my world, hell no!  I suppose a part of me wants to know what is going on inside Prosanctus Inferi but the secret may be best left unsaid…

The production and music style of ‘Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation’ are well suited to each other, just raw and unbridled enough to sound violent but recorded well enough to allow all the instruments to be intelligible.  The vocals are lowly and death-like, often missing where you might expect to find a verse or even just a scream.  I enjoyed the seemingly random and unpredictable song structure on ‘Pandemonic…’, I relate it to a matador who anticipates the bull just before being gored and ground to pulp. The guitars riff and rip until you are fucking shredded and the drums blast and fracture ribs. ‘Pandemonic…’ is lacking a bass, which may be its biggest shortcoming but to be quite honest, I didn’t notice until about the 5th listen.  The album is too busy, too heavy and too fast to give a fuck, anyway.

There are a few abstract sounds or keyboard pads on the release. The albums opener, ‘Flayed Ecclessian Sophistry’, opens with a hissing and frustrating ‘ululation’, setting the tone for the remainder of ‘Pandemonic…’. The last of 13 tracks, ‘Echoes Of Pestilential Synod’, is a creepy, crawly and haunting track that serves as perfect closure to such an obscure album.  In between those two menacing tracks, you will be exposed to new versions of older tracks such as, one of my favorites, ‘Fratricide in the Holy House of God’.

Antichristus, drummer for Prosanctus Inferi, is no longer with us and ‘Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation’ is his claim to immortality.  I do hope that fans of uncompromising metal answer the call of this black-death masterpiece.