Greece’s Aenaon debut with ‘Phenomenom”; a 6 track display of muscle, musicianship and lavish metal landscapes.  Featuring a clean production that compliments their technical and intense style, ‘Phenomenon’ contains a multitude of sounds and textures that will keep the listener engaged for the album’s duration.

‘Phenomenon’ opens and closes with tracks that utilize a more ‘electronic’ or ‘industrial’ sound to create their mood. The lush keyboard pads intermingled with melodic female vocals over the top of sampled drums and sound patterns makes for a convincing and interesting set of bookends for the album.  While I typically find intros and outros of such short duration annoying and irrelevant on EP releases such as these, the two tracks in question, ‘Et In Arcadia Ego’ and ‘Extradimensional Wall’, do a damn fine job of opening and closing a punishing and well written group of songs.

The opening track, ‘Perdition: A New Era’, is  a furious, 6 minute hellride through the art and science of aural alchemy that gives the listener little time to recover from the unrelenting assault.  The chaos continues with ‘The Virus Code’, laying waste with the tight-as-fuck guitar work grinding over the battery of blasting drum detonations.  ‘And Chaos…Enthroned’ is another fine example of Aenaon’s ability to work a song from one good idea into several other great ideas…the riffs and passages flow seamlessly from one to the other without losing integrity or direction. While I may be jaded with over-produced music that sounds too good to be true, I find that this album’s outstanding sound quality is an excellent compliment to the level of musicianship that is heard without being intrusive upon the art itself.

The lyrical content of Aenaon’s ‘Phenomenon’ deals heavily with mathematics, quantum theories and existentialism on a cosmic scale; a suitable marriage with that of the musical content.  The sound is as large as is the depth of the subject matter.  I can’t help of thinking of the O.T.O. and the motto, ‘the Method of Science…the Aim of Religion’ when listening to this album and reading the included lyric book. It seems that Aenaon has tapped into the raw stuff of universal creation and produced ‘Phenomenon’. Although it may fans more than one listen to wrap their head around this complex work it will only take a brief moment to notice that the force of Aenaon is omnipotent.