Originally from Mexico, Southern California’s Funereus are keeping the Black Metal Flame burning bright in the United States.  Their debut full length album, ‘Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification’ is a venom-drenched and disease-ridden ritual of pure hatred and black madness, cutting through the faith of all naysayers who dare to listen.

I recently got a few copies of the recent split Funereus did with Helsefyr, ‘Aquilonius Frigus Vorago’, from Svartgalgh Records. I was instantly possessed by the spell of Funereus and am commanded to spread the madness of this uncompromising and violently raw release.  The production is less raw and edgy than the split I mentioned but still retains over the top performances for all three unholy members. Valefar’s distinct and blasphemous call cuts to the bone while guitarist Sargatanaz summons Goetic shadows with his furious guitar attacks.  Infernal lives up to his namesake as he sets the marching pace for the Armageddon, blasting the wide the pearly fucking gates in death hammer drum destruction. The album is complete with a brief vocal sample opening the title track, giving praise to Lord Satan.

While the bands sound reminds me of early Bathory and Burzum, the performace on ‘Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification’ is beyond what we remember from the pioneers.  The band plays tight and the recording allows for distinction between instruments without losing the raw and unbridled atmosphere.  The drums play a crucial part in this as the guitars are mainly barre chord progressions that leave little room for melody or interpretation beyond that of anguish and maniacal frustration. Much like the songs on their recent split with Helsefyr, the 7 tracks on ‘Profane Rite…’ average at around 6 minutes each, making each sacrifice a slow, bloody and painful death.

Closing the ritual is the aptly titled track, ‘Outro’. Consisting of spoken and pained vocal segments, drum experimentation and guitar madness, ‘Outro’ leaves a bitter sense of despair with the listener.  Introspective and haunting, the closing piece contrasts the other tracks on ‘Profane Rite…’ by simply not delivering the black metal war we have come to expect of Funereus and so many other great bands.  Overall, ‘Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification’ is a blood sucking and soulless incantation for only those who heart is of stone and will is of steel!