Germany’s masters of metal Pest return with their 4th Full Length album, ‘Tenebris Obortis’, summoned by Ketzer Records. There was little doubt in my mind as to the quality of this release after hearing the first few opening tracks, prompting me to put other matters aside and focus on this multifaceted album. The seamless blending of black and blasting atmosphere with serpentine vocals create a sinister mood for the most elite BM purists…throw in the rhythmic determination of classic German thrash at only the right times and you have ‘Tenebris Obortis’.

The opening track, ‘Tenebris Obortis’, haunts the listener for two and a half minutes before erupting into a full on black assault with the track ‘Trance’. From there, the madness only continues, displaying just the right amount of classic groove and power thrash performance in the violent ‘Weltgericht’.  I found the slower track ‘Wasteland’ to be rather out of place on such a furious release with it’s depressive atmosphere and somber sense of emotion although the track does fulfill  it’s own prophecy well.  Pest quickly return to the more familiar territory with ‘Decontamination’, ‘Schnee und Eis’, the minute and a half thrasher ‘Riding the Storms’ and the mid-paced instrumental ‘Bonded’.

I listened to this album several times, at first intently, then less critically and now again as I write.  The album does not necessarily loose momentum or credibility as much as it seems to shift direction and take on new meaning. By the end of the album, I had already been impressed but the real highlight that shone true in the last track, ‘Entering Forest’.  This 12 minute mid-tempo piece is built around a well executed guitar/bass solo section that really displays Pest’s ability to expand their horizons and grow as artists.  In no way is playing acoustic guitar over the sounds of wolves and owls an original idea but the song is performed and presented in such a way that the listener has no choice but to be impressed.

I would recommend ‘Tenebris Obortis’ to anyone who wants a solid black metal album with tons of replay value.  Check this album out for a truly unique listening experience!