With ‘Warfare’ (Abyss Records), Swedish blackened thrash mob Angrepp have issued a stern, punk-infected warning to the planet’s poser population. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios and manifesting itself at just over half an hour, the statement seems to express the message that the band has no plans of taking any prisoners in their conquest of warp-speed annihilation.

Starting off with an intro bearing an almost industrial feel, ‘Warfare’ soon kicks into mosh-or-die mode. “Five Horned Formation” sets the neck-breaking mood perfectly with the above mentioned thrash styling. This battle strategy is carried on throughout the rest of the record as well, on songs like “Dead And Destroyed”, “Rape, Kill, Rock N’ Roll” (featuring a military cadence drum intro that leads the way to a punk/metal mutation) and the title track, all of which are definitely highlights of Angrepp’s newest assault on humanity. The vocals are of the growling throat-meets-sandpaper persuasion (reminiscent of bands like Celtic Frost) from start to finish, and ride into battle quite nicely alongside old-school thrash riffing, black metal inspirations and the occasional segments of fist-pumping punk rock anarchy. The closing “Dictator” clocks in at a little over nine minutes and features probably the fastest percussion and drumming, taking on a black/death metal stance, in the ten songs found on ‘Warfare’.

The artwork that graces the cover of Angrepp’s ‘Warfare’ portrays a soldier mercilessly gunning down an unarmed victim, his crucifix necklace falling from his dying hand, as tanks and soldiers pass by in the distance without a second thought. Such is the attitude present in what the listener will feel when listening to the record itself. Angrepp is a band that seems to know exactly what they’re doing, and are perfectly fine with how they do it. This reviewer is willing to bet that fans of old-school thrash, black metal, or bands like Celtic Frost and Black Breath will also be pleased with this one!