Review by Skullsplitter


Trumpet Of Triumph

“Trumpet of Triumph” marks the third album for this unholy alliance and is a massive juggernaut of Metal that instantly grabs you by the throat and demands your attention.  Starting out with the crushing “Where Is Your God”, this album pummels the listener relentlessly with precision blast beats blistering vocals and riffs straight from Hell.

That’s not to say that the guys have tunnel vision, far from it.  The song “An Eternity In Hell” has an amazing galloping Thrash riff, as do other songs on the album.

The musicianship is outstanding, immediately assaulting you with some of the most crushing Death Metal out there today.  However, as brutal as “Trumpet of Triumph” is, it is also amazingly melodic, incorporating impressive guitar solos but with plenty of shred for us guitar geeks, and with a few really cool clean vocal parts that add to the overall vibe of the album. Lyrically, you know the deal.  Songs like “Christ Cadaver”, “Devour The Cross” and the title track are dripping with venomous blasphemy.

This album grew on me quite a bit after a couple of listens.  Don’t get me wrong, I dug it, but I guess I didn’t “get it” or something.  Either way, after about a hundred spins, I can honestly say this release is going to be a highlight album of the year.

“Trumpet Of Triumph” is win/win all the way through and I suggest you contact the band and get yourself a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.