Gravehill, Cardiac Arrest, Christ Beheaded, Maax
July 14, 2010
The Melody Inn
Indianapolis, Indiana

A slow-arriving, moderate Wednesday night crowd at the Melody Inn welcomed the last stop of what was left of the Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour. San Antonio, Texas death metal outfit HOD had just dropped off the bill days before the Indianapolis stop, and the news was released soon after that Gravehill and Cardiac Arrest would both follow suit and cancel the remaining few dates for what was described as logistical reasons.

The blackened thrash attack of Muncie, Indiana outfit Maax kicked the evening’s festivities into motion. The denim-clad band performed numbers from their new EP, Six Pack Witchcraft such as “Fire In The Hole”, as well as a few others. Maax’s catchy, Darkthrone-meets-Motorhead approach was unfortunately not safe from a couple of technical difficulties and missteps early in their set, but they regrouped nicely and inspired many to thrust their fists in the air in victory.

Next up, Indy’s own corpse-painted, blood-dripping demon squad, Christ Beheaded. The band, featuring members of Indianapolis bands Demiricous, Summon The Destroyer and The Gates of Slumber within their ranks, tore through a few hymns of black metal blasphemy from their 2008 EP Open the Gates of Hell and gave those in attendance a seemingly unwavering glimpse of what’s to come from Count Magnus and the CB horde.

When the black metal smoke cleared, Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest deployed a concrete-solid death metal onslaught. The band wasn’t about to let anything get in their way of clearing the house of doubters, tearing through cuts from their newest full-length Haven For The Insane among other brutal, neck-snapping ditties.

Eventually closing out the evening to a sadly dwindling crowd, was California’s Devil-approved death merchants, Gravehill. The band took the stage in leather, spikes, blood and horns and continued that theme by waging war against posers and blasting eardrums with tracks from their Rites of the Pentagram full-length and proclaiming a bloody victory at the end of an otherwise abruptly-ended tour package.