Interview by Skullsplitter

The new album sounds great.  Is the studio as grueling as it’s made out to be?

Antimo: its just a normal studio with a good soun man (Carlos Padilla, saludos!) he had made every sound and album for Hacavitz possible! we want to thank him for all support and interest in this band!

What is the Metal scene like in Querétaro?

Antimo: normal as every scene, we have very few good bands and some other bad this so called “scene” need to work harder in every kind of way this “scene” also its full of fake people around the real people scene its small but still growing….

What does the future have in store for Hacavitz?

Antimo: wait! the things now are for waiting, theres no future and no return!

What and who are some of your influences?

Antimo: theres a lot of bands that i could mention but i could say everything darker and evil that metal had ever created its what influence us in every aspect lyrically speaking its about alot of things as well but first of all we are an anti christian band!

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened at a Hacavitz show?

Antimo: theres alot of things that i could tell you but well i could mention but theres a funny story about  our past guitarrist Eduardo (Guevara) that happened in the last 2006 in our south american tour promoting first album “Venganza” and he was so drunk with “pisco” a strong liquor from those parts, and he was very very drunk that he was kicking the thrash containers from the streets and throwing them into the streets and in a barbery he stand outside of it and yelling without any reason, this is the first thing that came into mind about these “funny” or “crazy” things…

How was it shooting a video, would you do it again?

Antimo: was a good experience thought a little bit weird cause the final result of it were different of our vision that we wanted and we explained to the producers and makers of this video (King of Hearts prods. salutations to all of them!) but anyway we are so grateful with them and with Mr. Thompson for make this possible…

What was the first album/song  you heard that turned you on to Metal?

Antimo: i should say that was “sabbath bloody sabbath”if i could say that this song its a metal song…

What advice would you give to young musicians out there?

Antimo: keep the hard work always!! in your performance and your interest in your instrument! Always! keep the darkness in music!