Bleak Art Records tradition for releasing only quality material was not forgotten on Sokrovenno’s debut full length, De Rerum Natura, by any means.  The Italian quartet mixes a fluid sense of melody, ethereal atmosphere, subtle aggression and boundless vision to create their intoxicating elixir.

Opening with the slow and mournful ‘Brina’, De Rerum Natura soon gives into blasting atmosphere and double bass bombing with the track ‘Ineunte Hieme’.  Sokrovenno manipulate and transmute one idea into three without sounding redundant and are capable of making progressive black metal without being obvious about it. The twin guitars does an excellent job of working together toward a common goal and the bass drives while remaining conscious of melodic opportunities, such as in the track ‘Fragore’.

It was frustrating for me to hear De Rerum Natura without experiencing the complete vision of its creators. The printed lyrics are entirely in Sokrovenno’s native tongue, so the full message is lost in translation. However, neither the vocal delivery nor the tonal structure of the album invoke typical abyssal black metal demons but rather translate a sense of hunger, contemplation and desire, allowing for these emotions to run free from the limits of linguistics. The production is top notch and shows how much time, thought and artistry went into De Rerum Natura.

Also worthy of an honorable mention is the contrasting and alternating acoustic guitar interludes that make up this album.  Every other track is a short instrumental that serves as a passage between the longer songs that make up the bulk of De Rerum Natura. The sounds of wind and rain in an enchanted forest accompany these tracks as one might suspect but the overall production of the album allows them to not so easily be dismissed as filler. Fans of Drudkh, Negura Bunget and Secrets of the Moon will not be disappointed by Sokrovenno!