Review by Nathan DaVayne

As anyone with The Discovery Channel knows, everything in Australia can kill you — and Vomitor’s 2010 release, Devil’s Poison (on the Hell’s Headbangers label), is certainly no exception. Foregoing the last decade’s “prog-metal” pretentions for sheer power and electric madness, Brisbanes’s Vomitor unleash a barrage of succinct, no-bullshit death metal, taking us back through the raw and untamed sounds that drew us to the underground in the first place.

Devil’s Poison comes at you with the subtlety of a 426 Hemi, ramping up the tension level with each successive track. From the punishing opener, Crimson Tide, to the haunting remake of 2002’s Neutron Hammer, front man Death Dealer leads the charge with a barrage of untarnished riff-work, underscoring the rhythm with his death-rattle rasp, which adds rather than detracts from the session. Anton Vomit’s bass lends a surging undercurrent, as though something more than what you are hearing is trying to surface. All of this is accentuated by Hellkunt’s muted percussion, which garage-quality sound and styling gives one the impression of hearing the band live. Caligula, the album’s fourth track, stands out as Vomitor’s current masterpiece, proving that there is more than just ferocity behind these Aussie death-thrash masters . . . there is also considerable talent.

Nearly a decade has passed between Vomitor’s two full-length releases. If Devil’s Poison is any indication of future momentum, Vomitor will easily come to dominate the all-too-impressive (and aggressive) Australian scene.