Being one of the most widely-hailed and worshipped of all death metal bands in the world and staking their claim to a large part of the New York death metal scene of the nineties, Immolation released their debut, Dawn of Possession upon the world in 1991 and have continued to eradicate the weak with classic records like Failures For Gods and the more recently unleashed (and highly-praised) Shadows in the Light among others. They have done so in an unstoppable manner of evolution and growth, and endured the weather of bad trends and disposable competition for over two decades now while showing absolutely no sign of letting up in their unwavering rampage.

With the undeniable impact of Majesty And Decay, released a little earlier this year and Immolation’s first release for Nuclear Blast Records, the band have quite possibly created one of the best overall works of their career to date. At forty-five minutes in length and with captivating cover art by Par Olofsson as well as the production skills of Paul Orofino at Millbrook Sound Studio, Majesty And Decay drags the listener to new, darker and faster depths of the legendary Immolation abyss that have went unseen until now. Standing the test of time, groove-infested, technically devastating songs in the first half of the record, like “A Token Of Malice”, “In Human Form” and the title track, are all definite standouts. “A Glorious Epoch” rings in the second half of Majesty And Decay with a slower fashion while still filled to the brim with a combination of riffs and vocals so deep and raging, it could drown the willing listener in a sea of sheer death metal fury and dominance. The album closer, “The Comfort Of Cowards”, is no different and ends the record convincing this reviewer even further of Immolation’s monumental staying power.

It is that unbridled strength that has made Immolation one of the greats in the realm of death metal. Therefore, it’s no doubt that so many in today’s newer wave of death metal bands try to emulate their apparent heros. With Majesty And Decay, Immolation have signaled yet another triumphant return and should be praised as death metal royalty by all!