Planks, Tombs, Coffinworm
August 20, 2010
The Dojo
Indianapolis, Indiana

As the crowd slowly gathered in the brain-melting heat of The Dojo’s new, more confined location, the ground-shaking German trio known as Planks swiftly erupted into their set like a wild boar clenching its teeth on a rampage, in anticipation of its next prey and/or dinner. Guitarist/vocalist Ralph unleashed his roaring voice (think Neurosis or early Mastodon, etc.) upon the room as bassist Frank and drummer Benny did their best to bring the building crumbling down around us all with abrasive, punishing songs like “The Sea Shall Not Have Them” and “Forgiveness to Tyrants”. The band’s set was this reviewer’s live introduction to the band, and was damn near perfect (minus the previously-mentioned heat)!

Next up were Brooklyn, New York’s Tombs. The band once again brought their intense, textured brand of rage to Indianapolis. Blazing through a sweat-drenched set which consisted mostly of newer, crushing and complex tunes, Tombs matched the music’s relentless power with an unstoppable stage presence regardless of the room’s merciless inferno-like qualities and didn’t stop for breath until the end of their final song. Being yet another live intro for this reviewer, Tomb’s set was yet another flawless triumph of the evening’s festivities.

Closing out the night was Indy’s own devastating, black-sludge-doom squad Coffinworm, The band, comprised as a four-piece this time around, took the stage with Garret O’Sha being the lone guitarist, which resulted in a different yet still ominous assault nonetheless. Vocalist Dave Britts and company bludgeoned eardrums (in the good way) with choice numbers from the When All Became None full-length such as “Blood Born Doom” and the set’s chaotic closer “The Sadistic Rites of Count Tabernacula”. All technical difficulties aside, Coffinworm succeeded once again in the display of their ability to bring the heavens crashing down. This band never ceases to satisfy a hunger for blissful, sludge-soaked devastation and are definitely high on the A-list of Indianapolis bands, in this reviewer’s eyes.