Formed in 2004 on the U.S. west coast (a union of California and Washington, to be exact) and unleashing a doom-tinged torrent of gritty, sludge upon the world population ever since, The Abominable Iron Sloth have carved their jagged mark on the face of extreme music with pummeling style and evolution. With their self-titled debut, released in 2006, the band introduced themselves, and their art, with a sense of groove in the guitars and screams that could summon the end times, courtesy of vocalist/guitarist Justin Godfrey (as evident on songs like “The Family That Slays Together Stays Together“ among others).

However, with the release of the band’s new full-length, The Id Will Overcome (Black Market Activities), a bit of a change is noticeable in the presence of an aggressive dissonance not necessarily as dominant in the previous record. Nearly every song (most of which clock in at under three minutes) on The Id Will Overcome bears an abrasive introduction of guitar feedback before the floodgates open, with the exception of the record’s second-to-last track, the pretty-damn-close-to-fourteen-minute atmospheric soundscape juggernaut that is “Heterodox Nonconformists” which plods along almost without end until the somewhat intriguingly-titled “The Timely Death of Billy Mays” closes out the record with a short and sweet dose of chaos. Down-tempo as hell and bearing dueling vocal styles ranging from the previously-mentioned sandpaper-throated screams to haunting wails, the record plays out seamlessly. From “Slugs in a Salt Circle” and “Two Black Helicopters” (definite highlights of the album) to “Big Iron Door” (originally penned by Charles Manson) and the punky blast of “Tramp Stamp”, The Abominable Iron Sloth seem to have the necessary hooks to lure in fans of bands like Eyehategod and Iron Monkey alike.

The lyrical concepts of The Id Will Overcome are based largely on the idea that humanity is, in all actuality, nothing more than a virus that is slowly killing the planet it has infected. With that being said, one may also be able to assume that The Abominable Iron Sloth are the musical messengers of the end-times and The Id Will Overcome is the delightfully enjoyable, albeit ominously crushing, declaration of the world’s demise. You have been warned, now…what are you waiting for? The Abominable Sloth has requested your presence in destruction. Enjoy!!