Dutch duo The Beast of the Apocalypse made their presence felt with the release of their debut,
‘A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar’ on Transcendental Creations.
I recently had the opportunity to speak with H.T. and find out about this extremely heavy,
black and occult
ritual as well as their upcoming release, ‘Henosis’…

So your debut full length, ‘A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar’ has been out for almost a year, yes?   Looking back, are you still as satisfied with the album today as you were when you finished it?

yes, we still like the album. it captured what we wanted to do at that time.

I found ‘A Voice…’ to be a wall of terror…a mountain cracking open under a lightning stuck sky. Did you have a visual interpretation of the album when writing and recording?

no visual inspiration only spiritual.

The killer packaging and artwork convey a sense of mysticism with clean lines and black/white imagery.  Is there a certain spiritual motive that helped influence the album…there are obvious ties to the Book of Revelations and Babylonian Mythology, yes? Can you elaborate, please?

yes we wanted to have a sleeve that’s not standard, nor distracts. The album mainly deals with old mystical subjects. From various old religions and beliefs to magic. the tree on the sleeve represents that there is always something beneath the surface (in this case the roots) more then meets the eye.

How long was the writing and recording process for ‘A Voice…’? Was it a laborious work or did it come easily?

The record was easily written and recorded a couple of days. I’d say we spend ± two weeks on it. I guess we work very good and smooth together.

I take it that the two of you are both multi-instrumentalists. How does a song usually take form?

We just come together and arrange/re-arrange parts we have until we get something we both like. We always look for a certain atmosphere.

Give me a little history of The Beast of the Apocalypse, if you would. What prompted the duo that is The Beast… to create music together? Did you have a certain goal when forming The Beast?

We have know each other for a long time. We used to have a drummer but he quit. At a certain point in time we decided to do some music together. From the start we both shared the same vision on what we wanted to create.

There is an unreleased album, ‘The First Four Trumpets’…did some of these tracks turn into songs on ‘A Voice…’?  When will this unreleased material manifest?

No, a voice ..has all new material. We still like the first album, The first album will be available as download. Originally we were going to release the first album on transcendental creation. Then we both had a few days off and started recording new material. The new material came out very strong, so we decided to release that album instead.

Do you have any plans for live performances? Are there any other side projects you are involved in?

No plans for live. No desire either. No other projects also..we just finished a new album.

How is the metal scene in the Netherlands? Are there any bands or strong fan base for what you are doing at home?

We have no idea if we have a fan base. We have no idea about the dutch scene..and also no interest.

How did your relationship with Transcendental Creations come about? Will you be working together in the future?

The contacted us through our myspace page. yes.

Back to the album!  The production is at times violent and utterly chaotic, almost destroyed but maintains a sense of balance and intelligence from, in my opinion, the use of the synths and samples…Did you intentionally work differently from the first albums production?

Not intentionally. We like rough productions. It’s just what you are used to, i guess. Synth and samples are just little extra’s..never the main focus point.

Your influences list some of the pioneers of black metal…Bathory,Beherit, Von…your songs, while maintaining the aggression of these artists, are quite different and are almost progressive. Do you think that black metal needs to be re-born?  Is there too much quantity and not enough quality?

I have no opinion about black metal. We know what we like. If you are influenced by someone, that doesn’t mean you have to sound like someone right? I’m glad we sound like us.

Tell me about the lyrical aspect of ‘The Voice…’.  The words are almost completely unintelligible..was that your intention…? To have them remain a mystery? Are lyrics included in the CD release?

They are not included with the cd and never will.

There is an almost equal amount of ‘doom’ and ‘black’ influences in ‘The Voice…’. As much as everyone hates labeling music, the album does a great job of expressing a this ‘doom’ atmosphere.  Where does your ability to create such dark music come from?

I’m not sure what you mean by doom atmosphere, we aimed for a mystical and occult atmosphere like the great band from the late eighties. The ability to create dark music comes from inside.

How will the next release from The Beast of the Apocalypse differ from ‘The Voice…’? How will it remain the same?

The new album we included some more choir parts and songs aimed for getting in a kind of trance though different rythmns. I think the production is a little clearer. It’s the same in it’s very dark atmosphere.

What is next for The Beast of The  Apocalypse? What are your current plans for the musical future?

We are looking forward to releasing our next album which will be called ‘henosis’. No further plans.

Last Words?

thank you. good luck with the zine.