Tell me, is that not one of the coolest album covers ever? I would even consider getting it as a tattoo, I think it’s that damn awesome! Blood Revolt is the brainchild of A.A. Nemtheanga of Primordial fame on vox along with J. Read and C. Ross, both of Axis of Advance and Revenge, taking up battery and strings.

Indoctrine is indeed a concept album, weaving a tale of a tortured soul out to right all the wrongs in his world: a loner seeking vengeance and self-righteous, Machiavellian justice outside the norms of typical human “morality.” In fact, each track is neatly called a “Chapter,” and each Chapter has its own mood and tells its own story. The interior of the sleeve is also a visual feast, with what appears to be illegibly scrawled notes and formulas for chemical reactions to, um, “even” things out (this is why digital downloads with no artwork or inserts and piracy simply cannot do a genre as forward-thinking and creative as metal justice; the entire presentation from inside out is key to selling to one’s audience).

Nemetheanga sings his cautionary visions cleanly, with minimal amounts of harshness, yet not anywhere near the epic range Primordial is known for, as this is a different product entirely. Read and Ross capture their usual Axis of Advance-style barrage, and it very well could sound like it would have been the next release from that now-defunct project had Nemethanga’s vocals not kicked in. Moody, harsh, and vindictive to the very core, Blood Revolt serves to warn the listener that hey, as you live from one day to the next, be very careful who you fuck with, you may or may not walk away unscathed as there are definitely no promises and no guarantees! (FA)