I can’t believe that, with over 100 posts spread across six months of being online, Forbidden Magazine has yet to review a tape release. Let it be known that there is no better release suited for our first tape review thanImpure Worship’s Goathorns. Is there a better way to stay ‘true’ to the genre than self-releasing a four song demo tape? Of course there is . . . summon only the darkest, most hateful and utterly destructive noise imaginable, and you have exactly what Impure Worship has done with Goathorns.

The eerie opening track, Rites of Perversion, seduces you slowly before piercing your flesh in a strange and twisted sado-masochistic experiment. The atmosphere is overpowering and unrelenting, allowing the listener no opportunity to catch his breath or perceive his surroundings. Vocalist Iapetos (Unholy ArchangelKawir) delivers a sick performance, spitting inhuman curses filled with nothing but contempt for the Christ.  In Nomine Satanas prowls on the edge of your vision, waiting for the kill. The attack comes fast and reckless, destroying everything in flurry of bone and blood.

The title track may have been the most maniacal, but it left me wanting more. The blind aggression of Goathorns cannot be denied, nor can the musicianship of the three members of Impure Worship; however, the musical direction is not a new one. It is always pleasing to hear a bestial blasphemy such as this, which teeters on the edge of control. The songs are well performed and benefit form the ‘sloppy’ or ‘raw’ feel that is earned from a live recording. The cover of Impaled Nazarene‘s False Jehovah is a perfect closing ritual for Goathorns, and leaves this reviewer hungry for more blood. . . .

Overall, I was a fan after hearing the first track. Chainsaws, Death-hammers, Vomits — Impure Worship bring another lamb to the slaughter!