Forbidden Magazine welcomes out newest contributor, Laetitia Abbenes of !
Laetitia offers Forbidden Magazine our first European Festival Review…Metalcamp 10!
Read about Slovenia and the madness of Metalcamp 10!

Special thanks to Ingrid of Metal Exposure for the amazing photos!

Metalcamp 2010
Tolmin, Slovenia – 5/11 – 07 – 2010.

By Laetitia & Ingrid
Metal Exposure

Day 1 (06-07-2010)
On the first day of Metalcamp, the very first band we decided to check out bore the name Crowbar. A lot of people decided to stay at the river or the tent, so there was just a handful of people at the festival area. Crowbar plays some slow rock/metal, today with a lack of energy. The slightly eldery fellows from this band did their best but it wasn’t really enough to ‘open’ Metalcamp for us.

“Thank god it’s not fucking raining” – Nevermore

The crowd was slowly assembling for Nevermore’s show. Looking at the crowd you could easily spot people from the Netherlands wearing bright orange clothes (the football game would be later on). Nevermore was the first band to get a lot of people in front of the stage. It was pretty warm, and with luck for the band: not raining. The weather did not bother singer Warrel Dane who had a good voice today and was very active on stage. We can’t say the same for some of his fellow musicians who look just bored. Despite the mediocre sound (bassdrum was way too loud!) the band gave away a good show.

Rotting under the burning sun
The guys from Six Feet Under had the honour to play on the hottest moment of the day. In the audience it was hard to endure, imagine how this band must have felt with all black clothes and long hair (or dreadlocks). It was striking to see that there wasn’t as much of a crowd as during Nevermore, especially since the show was just as good as Nevermore’s. But nevertheless they seem to have woken up most Death Metal lovers on the festival, being the first Death Metal band to play.

“Viva Hollandia!” – Metal Exposure

Note from Metal Exposure: the match of The Netherlands against Uruguay was at exactly the same time as the show of Cannibal Corpse. So we had to get our priorities straight. Which means that we watched the game along with a legion of orange dressed countrymen. It worked, we won with 3-2!

After our glorious victory, the headliner of today: Soulfy already started playing. Fortunately we didn’t miss much of it. And though it is not really our kind of music, it is the kind of music of quite a lot of other people. It was pretty crowded in front of the stage. The audience was active, headbanging and moshing. We were pleased to hear some Sepultura songs come by, including Roots Bloody Roots. Which the band rewarded with a energetic performance. A good and legimate headliner for the first day.

Korpiklaani was the last band to play on the main stage this day. Their opening song ‘Vodka’ was the perfect definition of their entire show. For one hour we were watching some drunkards on stage; as lead singer Jonne Järvelä told the audience himself that he had drank a bit too much already. But drunk or not, Korpiklaani always knows how to create a party. And though the quality of the band was a bit less this time, dancepits arose all around us and people had a great time!

Day 2 (07-07-2010)

Quite a lot later than planned, Vulvathrone opened up Metalcamp on Wednesday. This Slovenian band has some problems with their English skills. They were talking about that there was no pussy that they like. Probably meaning there is no pussy that they don’t like.
Back to the music, which was suprisingly good. The band plays death metal/grindcore. Their small singer had a awesome voice. It was pretty crowded for the first band of the day and the audience even started a tiny moshpit.
During Sadist, a lot of people took a break. There wasn’t a lot of audience and the people who were there seemed kind of lazy. The band was one of the few bands that could actually play their show at a decent temperature because it was cloudy. It did not help them though, the show and music did not really get people enthousiastic. Sadist tried, but failed.

“Norwegians can’t handle this much sun and these tempratures!” – Trail of Tears

The Norwegians of Trail of Tears (T.o.T) were shocked to see people sunbathing on such a hot day. Maybe it’s what they should have done themselves: sunbathing instead of performing. The sound was crappy and their singer’s voice isn’t that great and sounded like a sheep sometimes. In our opinion T.o.T was put way too high on the bill. There wasn’t a lot of crowd either. A positive thing: their act was okay.
Arkona. As much as we like this band, we really had to skip it in order not to faint because of the heat and rumbling stomachs.
Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes looked beautiful in her overdone red dress. Her vocals on the other hand weren’t as good, singing a few false notes. The sound was fine and the band played a new song. It wasn’t crowded in front of the stage but the audience was able to get an ‘encore’ from this band. After a short intermezzo they played three more songs.

“Slovenia is fucking beautiful” – DevilDriver

The next football match started between Spain en Germany. Meanwhile,DevilDriver fell in love with Slovenia and the visitors of Metalcamp. There were quite a lot of visitors even though it was during the game! The singer of DevilDriver couldn’t stop talking about the beauty of the area surrounding Metalcamp.They played a good and energetic show, as we are accustomed to by this band.

Rotten to the core
Overkill has a creative singer, who came up with the funny rhyme: “We’ve never been here before but Metalcamp Slovenia is rotten to the core.” The stage was beautiful decorated and the lightshow of Overkill looked great too, which created a nice atmosphere.
The band also fell in love with Slovenia and Metalcamp, as they stated during their show. The frontman Bobby repeats a lot. Saying a few thousand times that ‘we do it togheter, for a long time’. Overkill loved Metalcamp and Metalcamp loved Overkill.

Kein Weltmeister
For dessert we had Equilibrium. Who had just heard about their loss to Spain with – 1-0. Singer Robse talked about it a little but continued with the music pretty fast to avoid akwardness and maybe even some hurt feelings. He did dedicate a song to all German speaking people at Metalcamp. Robse was enthousiastic but some others of the band looked like they were on tour and playing a kind of standard gig. There was a lot of varation in the setlist and they even played Wingthors Hammer.

Day 3 (08-07-2010)

Gonoba was the Slovenian band that opened today. Also young and quite talented like Vulvathrone. It wasn’t very crowded but the audience present were energetic headbangers and moshpitters. Gonoba plays thrash/death metal and has camels in their logo.
Slovenia has got some talented metal bands of which we will hear a lot more in the future.

“How do you like this sunny day? Pretty cold, right?” – Suicidal Angels

The guys from Suicidal Angels are used to a lot warmer, according to themselves. There weren’t a lot of people watching this band, quite a shame because the show and the music were quite good! The people that were watching were clearly fans. After a while the music of Suicidal Angels got monotonous and slightly boring.
Decapitated, a death metal band from Poland, and a well known and respected band in the death metal scene. Their music was fast but also after a while it became a bit monotonous to us. There weren’t a lot of people watching this band either, but this did not bother the band who gave away a good and active show. The people that were watching could obviously appreciate this show!

“Don’t get sunburned”

Is Epica’s advise to us. Which was very kind but really a waste of time and unnecessary. Simone’s voice has been better, you could hear a few failures in her vocals and also the music; probably because of the heat, us Dutchies aren’t used to this temperature. The band looked like they got a group discount at the hairdresser. They played golden oldie: Sensorium but also stuff from their new album. Vocalist Simone wastes a LOT of time talking instead of playing. Epica could easily play one more song in the time they wasted on uninteresting talks. After our short break, the big band Eluveitie got on stage. The festival area was crowded as hell, out of nowhere. (Also the people with a three day ticket joined us today). They probably had the most crowd of all bands so far! They played a lot more new stuff and ofcourse Inis Mona. Their was a lot of interaction between singer Chrigel and the crowd, the rest of the band couldn’t be bothered to do the same. When they were ‘slowly but surely running out of time’ the band made the crowd dance once more by playing Tegernako.
Behemoth came, saw and above all: conquered. This highly respected black metal band played a really tight show. The amount of people banging their heads straight to hell was amazing, just like their show was awesome; also the stage looked great. One bad thing though: the lightshow was really annoying. The muscled guys had a great act with a nice drumsolo and even some firespitting by their drummer. After a while it was time for the encore, the audience seemed love it. The ending was kind of strange since nobody knew whether the band had stopped or not. Behemoth’s performance was one of the best of Metalcamp 2010.

“Something you will remember” – Ex Deo

The project of singer from Kataklysm is called Ex Deo. You can hear the influences of Kataklysm very well in music and vocals. Ex Deo is ‘Roman metal’, based on ofcourse Roman history. The music is okay live, not very something special and the Roman aspect doesn’t stand out musically speaking. Before Ex Deo leaves the stage, singer Maurizio promises us something that we will remember. When they come back they have changed and they start to play some familiar music, Kataklysm! They play a new song Push the venom and apologize for cancelling their performance on Wacken. Surely something that we will remember!

Day 4 (09-07-2010)
On the hottest day so far, it’s still not hot enough for the band Varg. Besides the fact that they wear leather stuff and itchy paint, they also have a fireshow. They are probably trying to create an open air sauna, in which they pretty much succeeded. There is a lot of crowd but they are packed under a few trees that give some meters of shadow. Varg plays a standard setlist with Skol and Wolfszeit.

If it’s not too hot for you?

When Ensiferum starts to play, it is very crowded and very hot. The guys are all in skirts and according to reliable source, they do wear something underneath it. Sami is pretty active and entertaining the crowd. They play a lot of songs from different albums, for example Token of Time and Twilight Tavern, to make everybody happy. The show isn’t flawless but still a nice party.

“Do you consider yourself entertained now?” – Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica should have gotten a higher spot on the bill. The band played very well, mostly because of their singer Tony Kakko. He is a very good perfomer, though his voice could have sounded better today. The band plays classics like Full moon and also songs from their latest album. Tony entertains everbody with a lot of talking (a little bit too much) and yodeling, the crowd loves it though. A very good show!
Paradise Lost, a band that exists for a while now, and it shows. The music is very melodic and not the heavy stuff we are used to in this line up. It feels like a moment of rest in a very metal line up, which isn’t bad for a change. But there aren’t a lot of people watching, which is kind of strange. Maybe they don’t really fit on the bill for this kind of festival.

“Let the hammer fall!”

Hammerfall headlines this evening. A lot of people gathered to watch this band play.
The stage looks cool, and guitarist Oscar Dronjak, with his red pants, looks and acts like a typical rocker. It’s still warm this evening, something that Hammerfal also notices. “ It’s Hot like hell but we like hell!” They play a lot of Hammerfall classics, including of course Crimson Thunder, and for people who know the music it’s a night of singing along very loud.
Sabaton is also the entertaining kind. The singer Joakim talks a lot about the Village people and YMCA. We were really suprised by this band, on cd it’s not very convincing but live it is one of the best bands we’ve seen. Ofcourse they play Panzer Battallion and some stuff from their latest album. The show is also filled with fireworks and a fireshow. Besides catchy music, the vocalist makes a lot of gay jokes about cocks and so on. He also promised to dive in the river later in the night (and he did!) Sabaton is very pleased with the show too: “If every festival was like this I would play for free.”

Day 5 (10 – 07 – 2010)

Sadly this is already the last day of Metalcamp.
Insomnium from Finland is the first band we see. They play melodic death metal. There isn’t a lot of audience present. The music sounds okay but it’s nothing special. Most of the crowd present remains in the shadows of the trees a lot, but the people in front of the stage seem enthousiastic.

“Soccer ist Krieg”
– Heidevolk –

The Dutch band: Heidevolk plays next. A garden hose with water is set loose on the audience to cool off. In front of the stage people are soaked. They welcome it with arms wide open, just as they welcome Heidevolk. Guitarist Reamon is left at home for unknown reasons. The sound is good and Heidevolk gives away a good show. They are exited about the Dutch team being in the finals. They played songs from all albums, like Vulgaris Magistralis and Het Wilde Heer.

Dark Tranquility is another band complaining about the weather. “I’m a Scandinavian Viking, not used to this.” Well, we couldn’t agree more with them. And while it’s actually cooled off a bit in the meanwhile, still a fireman keep the audience cool with a big hose, to avoid heat casualties. The melodeath music of this band is earcandy, the music and sound is good. Though the show lacks a little bit of interaction between band and crowd (exception made for the frontman), it was the first band this day where it actually got a bit crowded in front of the stage.

“Is this a country for Christians? We will eat them!” – Finntroll

Finntroll is hungry and could eat a whole Christian! The crowd is jumping and dancing and headbanging to new and old Finntroll tunes like Svartberg, Solsagan and Nedgang. The songs from the new album sound really good live, musically it isn’t flawless, but who cares while having a good time? Ofcourse Finntroll also plays Trollhammaren. Shocked we notice that it isn’t very crowded when Finntroll plays, which we think is strange since it is on of the headliners of this day and whole festival!

The first thing to notice about Immortal on stage is the wall of amplifiers. They didn’t bring a few, but a whole army! Looking around a little bit more you can see Abbath and Apollyon do their funny walks while playing songs like One by One. After a while something you should have noticed is the backdrop Immortal brought, very typical a full moon and mountains, but it changes when the light also changes, it looks very nice. Immortal gives away a good and very Immortal like show, with a various set list. They made a lot of people happy by playing some old classics, but also the newer stuff passed by. They bring Metalcamp to and end with a big bang of fireworks.

Metalcamp has come to and end, The Netherlands didn’t become World Champions
(but we came a lot closer than most of you). We saw a lot of bands, enjoyed meeting people from a lot of different nations. Relaxed by the river and got a tan. We’ve worked and enjoyed Metalcamp for 100 percent. We hope you did the same and love to see you all next year! Expose yourself to Metalcamp ;)

Metalcamp in general: The weather was the exact opposite of last year, then we had rain, now we only had shine. We’ve seen that metal and soccer go very well together! (At least, for us Dutchies, it was one big party!) There wasn’t a band that didn’t say anything about the hot weather. Some good and bad things about Metalcamp:
Good: The screens to watch football, the dixies: very clean!
Bad: The drink system, change the stupid black coin for a euro, and it will work ten times better! Showers, sometimes there was no more water or just cold water, just like last year. And they were mixed, keep it gender seperated.