Few artists carry the banner of Black Metal as high as Satanic Warmaster.
Their catalog is extensive and strong, showing no mercy for the trivial pursuits of trendy musical dogshit.

Your new full length release, Nachzehrer is upon us, a crushing ritual in His Unholy Name. Do you feel this is a new dawn for Satanic Warmaster, as the lyrics state, “In times of strife, Warmaster Returns?”

There is no equality, no comradeship, no “scene” and no “unity” in the ideals I (proclaim). I was silent for a long time, and it was just a matter of time when I would return. . . Every album, so far, has been a renaissance of it’s own for me and my creation.

The title is a word that, if my research can be trusted, references a vampire or an undead creature of similar aspect.  There is also a brilliant track titled Vampires on Nachzehrer.  Is this the central theme of the album? What do these topics mean to you personally?

Even though hidden beneath a more flamboyant or warlike surface, these themes have been with Satanic Warmaster ever since the banner was raised for the first time. Shout out a forbidden salute so they all shall listen and drink from the chalice of their ecstasy, terror and loathing, to walk as a true wolf among sheep. Channeling power from the suffering of lesser life forms to the Satanist is important.

Some of the material on ‘Nachzehrer’ appeared on the release ‘W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A.’ earlier this year in ‘demo’ form, as well as some additional tracks.  How much did these songs change from one form to another?  Are there still copies left of ‘W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A.’?

That preceding release was just a “modern advance tape.” The only difference was the mix, which was powerless and raw on the CD-R. There are no copies left, but I have been thinking of re-pressing the whole thing on a glass master (real) CD with additional tracks to fuck all the eBay investors up totally.

There has also been a recent release of two exclusive tracks on the 7”, Ondskapens Makt /Forgotten Graves, on Northern Heritage Records. Why were these blasphemies not included on Nachzehrer?

Nachzehrer is a continuous work of five years now, brought to reality with material created even further in the past. The new 7” consists of two completely new songs, created in a much more impulsive and harsh Black Metal terror ritual at the Satanic Metal Temple.

You have had several magnificent split releases with artists such as Behexen, Drowning the Light and Clandestine Blaze yet there are also statements against bands who desire a split release with Satanic Warmaster. When do you know that a shared ritual is right for your dark art?

I only share releases with bands who deserve it. The statement was made because, obviously, people don’t know anymore what they deserve and what they don’t.

Do you share the same view with regard to labels who wish to release Satanic Warmaster material? How does your label, Werewolf Records and Northern Heritage relate with other interested companies?

In general, I think most record labels are opportunists, when in this kind of music, the devotion and passion should come first. Werewolf Records and Northern Heritage share the similar idea of uncompromising work and how Black Metal should be distributed and propagated.

Tell me about the last track on Nachzehrer — Utug-Hul — an alliance with Akhtya Nachttoter, of Black Funeral . . . how did union come about?

I have always been very much into the musical work of Nachttoter: Black FuneralDarkness EnshroudValefor, etc., so it was an honour for me to have him write this summoning for the evil spirits to consecrate the ending of the album.

Do you have any future collaborations with other artists in mind for future releases?


Considering all the work you have done with other artists/bands, have you only written material exclusive to Satanic Warmaster?  Have you ever had a song that you considered for more than one project?

I really don’t think of such things.

What projects are you currently involved in besides Satanic Warmaster?

(That’s an) irrelevant question. Satanic Warmaster equals myself, so no other creation can really compare (with) it, in that sense.

What is the writing and recording process like, particularly for Nachzehrer? Is it painstaking, or the center of your creativity?  How do you know when a song is finished and needs no more work?

As said, I don’t think of such things. I create visions, compose on impulses, write words from the depths of my mind and something always appears.

It was good to have the lyrics included with the promo. Are these words written in the releases? Their images are strong and their meanings are multifaceted. How are they created?

Yes, all (the) lyrics are enclosed with the CD and LP versions as well. I write about what I believe in and see around me.

What are the plans for live performance in the future of Satanic Warmaster?

Our only concert planned so far is the Nidrosian Black Mass festival in Trondheim, Norway in November, 2010.

The last words are yours…thanks for your time and for keeping the Flame burning!

HAIL SATAN – LUX EX TENEBRIS. www.neuntoter.org