ARRRRRRRRGH! Insane! Maniacal! Nuts! Now, there’s a triptych of words for ya to try and describe just what’s in store here. Beautifully and sloppily played, face-ripping, lo-fi Black/Death with an homage to the puke-up-your-guts vocals of Archgoat and the raspiness of Angel Corpse taking turns tossing you into a meat grinder! This lethal dose of dictatorial devastation combines their Ancient Tombs and Blood Conquest demos into one brutally pummeling compilation, and features members of Diocletian, hired as mercenaries, and all the heavy artillery that they pack. It’s unfortunately over and done with bit too soon, but they just unleashed their first full-length, Beheaded Ouroboros, courtesy of Invictus Productions, this summer, so you can bet I’ll be giving a full report on that atrocity as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it as well! Pray (or maybe even prey, if these guys have their way!) for my safety! (FA)