Shrouded in a flowing cloak of mystery and residing in seclusion outside of Boise, the Idaho duo now known as Wolvserpent (formerly under the name Pussygutt) have forged a lethally effective partnership.  Regardless of their nameplate, Wolvserpent have been relentlessly churning out astoundingly ethereal hymns of doom-laden sorcery since the day of their formation. Guitarist Blake Green and drummer Brittany McConnell seem to conjure their ominous, classically-minded magic with the ease of a flame-kissed razor through flesh. With a sound haunting and austere, Wolvserpent invokes a behemoth, two-headed spirit of desolate atmospherics and doom-fueled thunder to be sent lurching and sprawling through the listener’s consciousness. This is the sound of a cold and merciless funeral procession…an echoing sountrack to a gloom-infected existence.

Clocking in at just under forty minutes, Blood Seed (20 Buck Spin) is the duo’s fourth full-length album, the first under the new moniker, and is comprised of merely two parts: “Wolv” and “Serpent”. “Wolv” spreads its ghostly wings throughout the first half of the record, keeping a largely instrumental stride, aside from the chilling howls that creep in a little over halfway through its duration. The first half of Blood Seed takes the shape of a grim lullaby of sorts, entrancing the listener into a belief that, no matter how dark the sky is, everything will be fine. Serving up the second half of Blood Seed, “Serpent” continues in that fashion until around the one-third mark. It is at that precise point when Wolvserpent rear their delightfully ugly, doom-splattered heads to bring a cloven hoof crashing down on the previously pristine frame of mind. Plodding and monstrous, the track introduces eerie chants and McConnell’s raise-the-dead percussion alongside some sludgy, ‘Gluey Porch Treatments’- style riffing courtesy of Green.

At the end of the day, Wolvserpent construct a juggernaut of sound that would undoubtedly satiate the appetites of probably any doom fanatic, new or old. Further, fans of Jucifer, SUNN0))) or early work by the legendary Melvins will likely find something to sink their teeth into here. The fields of despair have been plowed, the tombs overturned by the gnarled roots of doom. Wolvserpent’s Blood Seed will soon be ripe for the harvest!!