The lunatic surgeon slaves away for hours on end in a rat-infested laboratory full of dismembered corpses. His mind races with countless possible ways to configure his own personal, instrument of annihilation…a weapon that lives and breathes, or at least once did in a former life. Relentlessly brainstorming, mentally combining various organs, torsos and limbs in an attempt to ultimately realize the face of a grim bringer of death he can call his own creation. Through seemingly endless gore-caked trial-and-error, dissections, biomechanical implants and tedious blood transfusions, the hollow-eyed doctor finally sees his dream come to fruition. With the completed insertion of electrical cables into the creature’s newly implanted brain, the surgical genius-come-maniacal obsessive throws the switch and the room is filled with a blinding, lightning-hot glow. Finally there, before his very eyes, rising on its own power from the operating table is his child, the beast…a monstrous, demonic hybrid creature born from two vicious worlds. With a laugh, the doctor thrusts his fists toward the sky in hateful protest toward the heavens. From this day, all shall fear him, and his new marvelously vile creation…the two-headed, dual-minded abomination he has branded with a name: Aborym.

From Taranto, Italy comes a trio that unifies the worlds of black metal harshness and industrial soundscapes and electronic ambience into one lethal beast. Aborym formed in 1992 and has since gained the attention (and collaborative talents) of many extreme music notables, such as Attila Csihar of Mayhem. The band’s latest effort, Psychogrotesque (Season of Mist), takes the shape of a ten-part exercise in frantically rabid blasphemy, with no titles, just Roman numerals marking each harrowing chapter of a conceptual story taking place in a mental institution.

Psychogrotesque is just that. Simultaneously frenzied and complex, the record contains equal parts black metal fury and texture-laden industrial/electronic atmospherics. While one part of the journey is full of blasts and screeching, demon-howl vocals, the next is drenched in electronically-driven textures and mood-swinging power. These guys make black metal that could make many peers throw away their beloved corpsepaint in a fit of self-loathing and call it a fucking day. Making a guest appearance on the record is none other than Ms. Karyn Crisis, driving force of notorious New York metal/hardcore crossover assassins, Crisis. Also donating lifeblood to the record are Aborym kindred spirits, Narchost (Malfeitor, Stormcrow) and Pete Michael Kolstad Vegem (guitarist of Blood Sunami and Mongo Ninja) among others. Recorded at Fear No One Studios with Marc Urselli (engineer for the likes of John Zorn, Lou Reed, Eric Clapton and more) lending sound consultation, Aborym’s latest beautifully bloodthirsty atrocity is a definite contender for this reviewer’s top ten list of 2010’s black metal releases. Aborym have created a record that takes hold of the listener in an iron grip and gives them a tour of a black metal asylum. Throw away those tranquilizers, you’ll want to be wide awake for this nightmare!!