L-R Fatherland Almighty, Sleepwalker, DaVayne

Thanks to the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange on Speedway in Tucson, AZ, local metal heads got their hands on some serious extreme metal from all over the world.
September was anti-censorship month @ Bookmans so what better way to express your freedom with the most maniacal and blasphemous music on the face of the earth?
We gave away CDs and Zines, flyers, stickers and had a great time doing it.
We are looking forward to doing it again soon…the Tucson Comic Con is only a month away and Forbidden Magazine will be there in full force.
A special thanks goes out to Relapse Records, the Legion of Tchort, Hells Headbangers and Bookmans for adding tons of CDs, stickers, posters and zines to our giveaway contest!!!
Dark Hails to everyone who attended…Forbidden Magazine is Upon YOU!!!