Violently spawned from the blackest, abysmal streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil comes a force hell-bent on unadulterated blackened death and destruction. This is the sound of a primal, bloodthirsty revolt against the solace of light of the heavens. This is a beast of no remorse in the wake of its corpse-riddled path of devastation. This is the echoing voice of a long-lived form of Brazilian-borne madness, that twists the mind and rapes the very soul like an atom bomb to the cortex and a blood-caked sledgehammer to the eardrum. This is the unpolished surface of hellish depravity. This is blasphemous rebellion with both barrels blasting. This, my friends…is Grave Desecrator!!

Formed in 1998, Grave Desecrator unapologetically unleashed their imposing brand of filth-laden blasphemy upon humanity without blinking. Burrowing into the dark heart of South American insanity and darkness, the quartet invokes the thrashing, death-infested spirits of early Sepultura and Sarcofago. Drenched in alcohol and the blood of the unholy sacrifice, Grave Desecrator have just released their latest assault upon an unknowing populace.

The band’s second full-length, Insult (Ketzer Records/Hell‘s Headbangers), brings forth enough firepower to lay today’s endless supply of mediocre clones to rest. Songs like “Black Vengeance”, “Stained By Blood” and “Jesus Joint” conjure a maelstrom of blistering riffing and scorching percussion, undeniably evil and damn proud of it. The instrumental “Satanic Coven” opens with one hell of a majestic, horn-raising solo barrage before galloping full-speed into the furious fray. Insult is filled to the brim with barbed rage, leaving no stone unturned in the search for more victims for the fire. The only time the pace lets up is for “Hellbound Breed” a nearly instrumental excursion into eerie atmospherics and inhuman growls seemingly birthed from the throat of Satan himself. When all is said and done, the album’s closing track, “Baphomet”, draws to a close with haunting piano and chants of a female choir, sprinkled with the snorts and grunts of pigs. If Grave Desecrator’s mission is to destroy all they see, then consider their goal is accomplished with a blood-caked fist. Insult is the band’s grand invitation to us all…to keep the old cult alive!!