Damn! I love bands whose names others simply cannot pronounce. I also love it when those bands are from distant lands, and whose members have unpronounceable names as well.

I like starting conversations like, “Hey, I was just listening to Ithdabquth Qliphoth — you know, those two guys, AL-LA-ShT-ORR and Adramelech, from Zhukovsky?”

Then it comes: the deer in the headlights, the dazed and confused expression, as if I am speaking some foreign language. Because to some, I am. But to those ov you reading this right now, regardless if you can pronounce the names ov these bands or understand the lyrics being screamed and brrreeee- brrree- breeeeted at us . . . we ALL speak the same language. It’s a musical language — one with many dialects but understood all over the world.  It’s the language ov METAL . . . and in this case, Black Metal!

If you seek a project which has that early and original raw quality ov the pioneers ov Black Metal, Ithdabquth Qliphoth is one to be considered. The deep depressive wailings and sorrowful string progressions create the same type ov atmopshere as early Burzum or Mayhem and sound similar to something maybe along the lines ov Anti or Abyssic Hate. The lyrical howls ov AL-LA-ShT-ORR and the steady sweeping, strumming ov the strings by ADRAMELECH carry with them a frigid feeling ov desperation, which can only be conjured by spirits possessed with a true passion for this type ov Depressive Misanthropic Metal.

Ithdabquth Qliphoth are very enigmatic individuals, who create with cryptic symbolism, which deal with the Qliphoth and other esoteric occult sciences. At times they tend to be very nondescript in certain matters, but then become very deep and calculated in others. They definitely keep the mystery alive and keep you searching for deeper, underlying meanings.  The cover art for Demonic Crown of Anticreation (Misanthropic Propaganda Productions) features an encircled irregular nanogram ov some sort with a Totenkopf, or Death’s Head, in the center and a crescent above it. The cassette has a three sectional fold-out: all black with white text and a faint picture ov the members on the inside. Lyrics are included, some in Russian and some in English. Each tape is individually hand numbered.

This album was recorded from January 2nd through the 4th, 2002 C.E. The first track is all instrumental, then flexes and bursts into Paroxysm of Spiritual Chaos, which consists ov Russian lyrics (which are written in Russian on the insert as well). Then Succubus’ Black Tongue, a fast paced, rather repetitive piece, accompanied by lyrical, harrowing screams ov sheer terror! (This one written and delivered in English.) Next, for those ov us who are fans ov the Necronomicon, we can all appreciate the next track,Nyrlathotep — also known as The Crawling Chaos and Servant ov Azathoth. The lyrical content ov this song is taken directly from Liber Logaeth, and is delivered in Russian. Then comes the title track, Demonic Crown of Anticreation, which, interestingly enough, includes the band name within its cryptic lyrical content . . . it’s pure Apocalyptic Annihilation at it’s best!  The outro, Lux Tenebriis (which translates as “The Light ov Darkness”) is a simple yet powerful piece, which winds everything down nicely. It’s a mellow descent ov very melodic and slow motion, distorted chords with unmistakable blackened composition. Overall, you will experience that certain sound with those specific vibrations, which are systematically synchronized as to pluck the strings ov your receptive blackened heart. Total Destruction, Obliteration and Anticreation never sounded so good. (–Will Lovelaw)