No God – No Satan: The slogan of the French Black Metal band, Otargos. Still they have songs about God, and waved around a bible during the show. The band, smeared in dirt, gave away a good performance. They were active on stage and tried to create interaction with the audience. Sometimes it worked, while some other people were just talking, getting drinks and getting comfortable for the headliners. It was a nice band to get started with, but the crowd, in the already pretty full Romein, was ready for the real stuff.

One of them being Destroyer 666.

Destroyer surely was the band most people came for. The crowd was responsive to the band, head banging and enthusiastic. Although I personally did not enjoy Destroyer as much as most people present, the next time they probably should arrange a headliner tour and have more time to play on an evening with so many fans.

Watain was, in my opinion, without any doubt, the band of the evening. They painted themselves with smelly pig blood (you could smell it anywhere in the stage area) and decorated every inch of the stage with fire, candles, torches and skulls. A bit overdone, you might think — maybe true, but it looked great, and it really suited the band and their music. The sound was good and so was Watain’s performance; there weren’t as many head bangers, and there was not as much response to the band (as during Destroyer 666) but there was still some. They played several songs from their latest album, Lawless Darkness, for example: Wolves Curse and Reaping Death. Also songs from earlier albums like Legions of the Black Light and the Devil’s Blood.

Watain and Destroyer666 need to come back to the Netherlands soon so we can all enjoy more shows from these good live bands.