When the news of a new band featuring the the voice of Canadian black metal terrorists Ouroboros as well as other hierarchy of the canadian scene had risen,I was very curious. At worst it would sound like a collective of all of the former and present bands the members have been a part of, which to me isn’t never a bad thing. But would it live up to such high standards? So needless to say I was a little apprehensive when this mini-CD arrived in the mail as I was completely unaware of what was going to bestowed upon my ears.

Album opener, ‘The Invocation of the Nameless One’ starts off with a black metal cliche, the orchestrated intro which thankfully isn’t overdone and actually sets up the mood of the album quite nicely. This leads up to the mid paced opening riff which vaguely reminds me of early Mayhem (again not a bad thing) but not to worry as this mcd is chock full of pure Canadian filth and evil. The riffs twist and turn like a constricting serpent and Angelfukk Witchhammer sounds utterly possessed  as he shrieks, growls and whispers thru all 3 incantations of pure satanic madness! Track two, ‘Goddess of the Hidden Moon’ (loved the Temple of Doom excerpt,quite fitting) is fast and furious, featuring some very nice bass work and is probably the most well written song on this record although it is the shortest of the three. Tormentor further proves to be one of the underground scene’s best secrets as his battery is furious, crushing and technical…his style is easily recognizable, also. The album closes with my personal favorite track, ‘Black Tongues of the Goat’, which, like the previous 2 songs, starts off with the intro, again relatively short before plowing forward into darkness. This song is also the most varied riff-wise: lots of changes and some brief but effective clean work near the middle of the song and it ends the album very accordingly.

At three tracks clocking in at around twenty-one minutes, this was the only glaring downfall of this mini-CD. It left me pissed off and wanting much more; it might have not been a bad idea to add at least another song, maybe two. If that was the case it would have been a top ten album! Yeah, its that fucking good losers!!! So to all of you dumb fucks out there searching for the most grim and kvlt and all of you so called true satanists, listen to these three sermons (which by the way extra kudos for superior lyric writing) and then proceed to killing yourself as you most likely won’t get it and the world is a better place without you.