El Alambrista returns to fight for those who have been forgotten along the US-Mexico border. El Alambrista: The Venganza is the sequel to El Alambrista’s 2008 debut feature film El Alambrista: The Fence Jumper, currently in distribution worldwide.

In El Alambrista: The Venganza, El Alambrista is faced by a new villain, Dr Victor Deralius, who is left burnt and unable to walk after a car accident involving migrant workers. Determined to find a cure for his condition while taking revenge on those who took his ability to walk, Deralius kidnaps migrant workers to use as test subjects in his research. Spines will be broken and forgotten migrants will suffer without the help of El Alambrista.

El Alambrista must also fight a cadre of minute men patrolling the border, led by Jake the Snake Roberts of World Wrestling Federation fame.

El Alambrista’s disabled trainer Blutes fights alongside the wrestler hero. His weapon of choice a cane, Blutes will fight Malo and his masked mobsters, who return from El Alambrista’s first feature film for their own revenge.