Spanish war-monger, I. Skullcrushed, washes the blood off his hands with napalm. Actually, scratch that, he doesn’t wash the blood off at all. Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis, the debut full length from one-man cult Extripation, with its endless storm of gunfire drums and gut-wrenching vocals, shows no mercy to the weak or the wise…

Within seconds of experiencing Extirpation, your flesh is aflame and blood is pooling around your feet. Crushing vocals batter in your face on every track while the drums never run out of ammunition. Rarely slowing their assault for even a few bars, the relentless fury of the rhythm section may be my biggest bitch about Tormentor Supreme… The guitar work is neither flashy nor bland but could have really benefited from a half-time or, in this case, a quarter-time feel from the back-beat. Domini Inferi Mephistopheles really manages to keep the pace under control for more than thirty seconds which is a shame since the riffs are good mix of atmospheric terror and thrashing death destruction. A blast beat that is this fucking fast and programmed can get old but hey, that is just my take on it.

Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis confronts the opposition with an army of well-armed, blood-vomiting devil worshipers who thrive on chaos and hatred.  Each track is more abusive than the last and ensures your demise is well within your own grasp.  The title track probably makes the most out what this bestial album has to offer but it is at this time my ears perk up and I ask aloud, ‘Where is the bass’? After five tracks, I realize how thin the guitars really are and there is no bottom end to the album! I probably would have noticed this if I wasn’t trying to keep up with the maddening pace of the album, which, in places, actually speeds up the tempo mid-song as if it was just a little too slow!

Given that Extirpation thank Black Witchery and Bestial Warlust in the liner notes, I would not be guessing that the next release will contain any fairy-forest-folk-metal bullshit.  This is what war sounds like when Satan is the Commander-in-Chief!