The streets are strewn with litter and corpses as you stumble, disoriented and bleeding, from the wreckage of what was a metro bus…your ride to work. A mixture of human screams and demonic growls echo from the walls of the skyscrapers, restaurants and dive bars that surround you. Making your way further down the street to what you hope is salvation, you can barely breathe. The air is thick and stagnant, filled with the repulsive, road-kill stench of death itself. Flashes of the media warnings you ignored a few days ago now fill your brain with maddening intensity. If only you paid attention to that man with all the needles…if only you took it all seriously. Up ahead, you see the fog clearing, making visible a group of approaching figures. The weight lifts from your shoulders as you cry out to them for help. But as that cry leaves your lips, you realize the figures are not law enforcement. They are not the military. They aren’t even living. But they are, in fact, approaching you fast, their decayed flesh crawling with the worms of the grave. In their eyes, the gaze indicates they have you in their sights for dinner…

Formed in San Diego, California in 2006, gore-drenched death grinders Pathology have been warning the world’s population of mankind’s impending, violent demise and conspiratorial deceit ever since. Birthed by the union of former Cattle Decapitation, The Locust and Disgorge members, Pathology evoke the grunting, grinding, shredding soundtrack to the type of zombie-inflicted apocalypse we could only hope for, if such a thing were to ever grace the soil of this forsaken planet. Throwing equal parts American Death Metal tradition and Carcass-esque mindset, with a dash of technical ferocity for color, into death metal’s blood-stained blender, the band punches the puree button with bludgeoning force.

The band’s latest, Legacy Of The Ancients (Victory Records), was mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. The album spans eleven tracks at just under thirty minutes and is overflowing with riffs as sharp as a chainsaw, tearing through the air like the undead horde through living tissue and organs. With copious amounts of relentless brain-blasting percussion courtesy of Dave Astor, lethal numbers like “Abduction” and “The Extinction of Flesh” pummel their way straight into the listener’s core. Matti Way’s grunting, gurgling, one-hundred percent indecipherable vocals permeate the record throughout each track. The only thing that’s really lacking with this record is any distinguishing variety from track to track. It is greatly enjoyable in the moment, but in the end there are no real moments of super-high impact that stick out in retrospective memory. But if you’re simply looking for some raging, death/grind to bang your head and pump your fist to, then be sure to jump into this one.

While some fans may find themselves reverting back to Pathology’s older material after experiencing Legacy Of The Ancients, it should be noted that the band has delivered a solid, consistently murderous death/grind record that seems uninterested in reinventing the wheel or redefining their niche. That salvation you wished for so dearly a few minutes ago? You can fucking forget it. Pathology has no intention whatsoever of granting you a rescue. Instead they long for the chance to mercilessly leave you in the clutches of the ravenous and rotting corpse army that’s fast approaching!