Solve et Coagula (latin) – meaning, in essence, “separate and join together.”

Birthed from the seaport confines of Trieste, Italy in 2003, The Secret is comprised of four guys that proudly take the concept of melody and stomp it into the ground, only to replace it with their apparent, unabashed adoration for absolute pandemonium. Negativity and frenzy personified, The Secret’s sound is that of an unholy concoction mixing the realms of crust/grind lunacy and primitive black metal styling. The end result, a sonic potion with the lethal potential of eradicating any who would doubt their wrath. Monumental riffing combines with storm-colored soundscapes to lead the listener into the heart of a brain-warping nightmare. This is the sound of collapsing faith in today’s uncaring society, religions and controlling institutions. You are hearing the thunderous rumble of a blazing colossus hell-bent on the annihilation of all those things. The Secret is here to tear it all down, remorseless and laughing all the while.

The Secret’s latest offering, Solve et Coagula (Southern Lord), is drenched in blackened harshness and close-fisted power. Beautifully produced by the band and Kurt Ballou of Converge at Godcity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, the record is essentially twelve excursions into unadulterated madness. The vocal performance of Marco Coslovich maintains an abrasive mix of hellhound barks and screams throughout every number found here, save for “Bell Of Urgency”, the only moment Solve et Coagula lets up even a little bit in its ferocity. For the most part, the listener should expect nothing more than to receiving a total thrashing by the time this record is over. Songs like “Double Slaughter”, “Where It Ends”, “Antitalian” (a definite highlight) and album-closer “1968” coalesce in the form of a skull-hammering, stranglehold of a record. At a little over a half hour in length, Solve et Coagula leaves the listener feeling as though they just somehow survived the dreaded apocalypse.

Immersed in feedback, noise and blatant insanity, coarse tones and the presence of organ for good measure, The Secret’s Solve et Coagula is a mercilessly unsettling exercise in crust-clad, vicious destruction of the weak. At the end of the day, all the necessary evidence is laid out on the table for all to clearly see. The Secret’s out (pun intended), Solve et Coagula is their call to total fucking war! Consider this an urgent suggestion to lace your boots tight and join their cause!!