‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’, the full length debut from Ukranian Cult Virvel Av Morkerhatet,
will be released on the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st 2010, on Forbidden Records.
Piercing Black Metal promises to tear your soul apart on this release.
Read on as founding member and vocalist Howler
sheds some light on the mystery of Virvel Av Morkerhatet…

Hails Howler!!! Forbidden Records is set to unleash your debut album, ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’ on the Winter Solstice, December 21Tell me about this black metal sorcery…

The path towards the release wasn’t an easy one. First, the limited release came out on Hellspell Productions yet the label, in my opinion, hasn’t paid it much attention and I haven’t seen any information from the label regarding the album promotion. The second and more significant step is Forbidden Records. The actual album came out versatile due to various reasons yet it conceals certain sorcery.

The album has been finished for some time, yes? Tell me about some of the inspiration for the album…is there a central theme that ties all the songs together?

It’s been finished for about a year. I’ve been trying to find the optimal way to release it but also I had some non musical problems that contributed to the delay. There were lots of sources of inspiration, but basically nature and human essence. The conception of the album is a rebirth of a human being into a totally different creature. At least it’s true for me. The album consists from two parts; the first one exists beyond human entity and the other one, in contrast, precipitates the listeners to the vortex of human madness. The album flows from The Path of Winter, the beginning, to the Path of Hate, the end, and due to this it doesn’t have the center, which wasn’t even planned.

You had released some demos early under the name of ‘Den of Winter’…tell me, are all the songs on ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’ new or have they been appeared before in different form?

All tracks on ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’ were created during different time periods, and only ‘When God Is Dead’ was written the last. Some tracks are related to the early period of the band while the others are closer to the present. Tracks like “Black North”, “Dark Angel Will Arise” and “Winter Call” had different musical structure, but after rerecording they only became stronger spiritually and sound-wise. Some tracks from the 1 demo (“Iced Earth” and “When Night Will Come”) will probably never be re-released since they’re the more like a link that connects the past and the present of the band, and the contrast between those 2 periods at the same time.

Give Forbidden Readers a history of Virvel At Morkenhatet…What caused the formation of the band and why did you decide to change names?

In the long forgotten 2003, I and another guy just spontaneously decided to form a Black Metal band. A new organism was born and then just grew by itself, infecting and feeding us with the dark energy at the same time. Probably, we are those of the few that has been looking toward finding the own way, following the Self, and doing what we’ve felt is right. It was enjoyable, yet the other member of the band left it. It’s probably related to the fact that his ideology changed somewhere in the middle and took a different path with my and the band’s ideas. Later the band has became an addictive drug for the band members, the one that doesn’t live you the choice, to which it’s impossible to resist, and that slowly kills you…

In a particular moment I just felt necessity of changing the band’s name. There was no choice. Den of Winter, as the image of the music and ideas of the initial period of the band, died. Though, the word “dies” isn’t probably a correct one in this case. It wasn’t a moral death of the initial ideas, yet a lot of thing have changed, or basically evolved. It was a rebirth. In the beginning, I was interested in anything related to my home land and thus I felt that it needs to be reflected in Den of Winter. It changed however; due to both musical and non musical reasons. I can say that I disappointed in lots of things, though it probably made my views more realistic and stronger overall. It was the 1 step in the rebirth of Den of Winter into Virvel Av Morkerhatet. Due to this, “Forsaken Hate Sickness” can be divided into 2 parts, Den of Winter, the one that was before the rebirth, and Virvel Av Morkerhatet, the present and the future.

How has Virvel Av Morkenhatet changed in the years since the founding of the band? I understand you have undergone some line-up changes since ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’ was recorded…

Many people left the band due to various reasons, some couldn’t withstand some aspects of the band, while others were expelled because they couldn’t understand the basic ideas behind the band or just didn’t take it too seriously. But there always were people who helped me to guide the band towards its highest goal. I’m the only band member who didn’t leave the band after ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’. Now, however, the band is almost fully packed. The only drummer is needed and we’re looking for one.

Do you see your sound changing in the future? How will Virvel Av Morkethatet evolve as a band in the years to come?

I think that it’s going to be possible on the next album, which we’re currently working on. I can’t really say how it’s going to differ since it’s better to listen to than to hear about, but I can tell you for sure that it’s going to be aggressive as some old school Swedish Black Metal. The songs will be deeper emotionally, as well as the tempo is going to be higher. The band has never stayed and will never stay on the same level, so the listeners can expect something new each time, but the band will never go towards “deep” experiments of changing the style and shit like that. Black Metal is the kernel of the band and will always be.

Is there a certain philosophy that the band aligns themselves with? Satanism or Left-Hand Path? What do these terms mean to you?

Every Black Metal band must have an ideological component. Black Metal is not only the music. It was born as a concept and Satanism was its basis. In course of time, Black Metal went mainstream and was a part of inter-style experiments. For example, it started with Satanism, but later people started to add NS, Pagan and Folk elements. Today, more bands started to propagandize the Cult of Death, the cancer that can devour the humanity and precipitate the world into chaos and destruction. I partially classify Virvel Av Morkerhatet as one of these bands but we also have some own ideas, which is the border between life and death, the light and darkness… We call this border madness, when a human being becomes mad due to excessive hate to something, extreme soul pain or emotional chaos. It’s located between 2 extrema, when those tear you apart. A being like that can take a knife and kill everyone around, destroy anything, then fall into apathy with a suicide being only the exit or simply gift of Death. Hatred and pain have devoured lots of minds; they make true beasts from people that go between heat and cold, fury and apathy. But the end is Death. And the fury is probably the mask of the Death…

Also the philosophy of the band is anti-christian. Satanism is not a religion for me. I don’t believe in god or Satan. For me, Satanism is the magic of antagonist, a person that confronts particular things in life. Everyone has it. I don’t tolerate christianity since I think that it’s the illness of humanity. But for some people it’s only a habit that was forced by parents in childhood. And when you ask those people a question like “What does the faith give to you?” many answer “I don’t know. It’s probably necessary because god probably exists…” They don’t even know why they need it. About Satanism, everyone defines it differently. I can’t say that Satanism is part of my essence; I’m more interested in human conscience related things, occult studies, anomalies of old places and other strange thing that can happen there. The essence and idea of the Left-Hand Path attracts me, when a person can become a god when reaches the spiritual comprehension. However, freedom matter more, when a person doesn’t depend on anything and isn’t restricted by pseudo-religions. Everyone should enjoy his life and it doesn’t matter what kind of life he has. It’s stupid to hope for an afterlife in heaven or shit like that.

Give me an example of what influences you…you can say ‘Darkthrone’ or another band, but reach beyond that…Books? Movies? Philosophy? Silent and snow-covered forests?

Spektr, Setherial, Black Funeral (USA), Armagedda, C.Y.T, Craft (SWE), Nidingr, Angel Corpse and many others. But these are the present, initially I was inspired by Darkthrone, Mayhem, Immortal, Gehenna (NOR), Judas Iscariot, Troll, Bolt Thrower etc.

Non-music-wise, I prefer horror movies, mostly Asian, history of Europe, books and philosophy of Michael W. Ford. Nature and winter have always interested me. Also I’m inspired by anomaly of my land’s places, which I express in my solo Black Ambient project Astral Lueur.

Back to the album!!! ‘Forsaken Hate Sickness’ has some very intricate musicianship as well as a finely crafted production and sound. The detail in a song like ‘Dark Angel Will Rise’ really displays the ability of the members…how does a song come into being?

The birth of songs happens very interestingly. I don’t know it actually happens, but sometimes I just hear a melody in my conscience that has everything except the vocals. I tab everything I hear. It can be only a riff or a part of composition. When I have quite a few of these parts, I combine them, and later it’s filled with the ideas of other band members. The “Dark Angel will Rise” came to my mind entirely, like is someone from the outside whispered it to me.

How important is it for Virvel Av Morkerhatet to create such epic music as you do, such as the track ‘When God is Dead’? Do you see your sound evolving into a more raw, bestial or otherwise ‘destroyed’?

We don’t stress on this. We just want out music to pierce the harts of listeners and besiege it by chaos. We don’t focus only on aggression and fury like many other Black Metal bands. Our goal is advanced emotionality, the soul chaos in different variations. That’s why we try to add several moods and it’s can be heard while listening. The sound may evolve into something inhuman-like. Though, we don’t really think much about it, but I can tell you that we’ll do out best to make sure that out music can infect the listeners with the disease of dark energy and insanity.

How do you define ‘Black Metal’? How do you define ‘Heavy’? How do you define ‘Evil’?

Virvel Av Morkerhatet.

Tell me about the ‘scene’ in the Ukraine…do you even care for such things? I know of a handful of bands from your country…

Every year the scene in Ukraine grows and blooms. As for now, it has quite a few worthy bands like Balance Interruption, Semargl, Licifugum, Selvmord, Virvel Av Morkerhatet, Aeon 9, Deferum Sacrum, Moloch, Molphar, Sauroctonos, Dragobrath, Hexenmeister, Cotard Syndrome, Aterum Ignis, Tangorodream, Balfor, Nocturnal Mortum, Kroda, and others.

For me, the scene has a special meaning since it’s allows us to return a part of our emotionsm feeling and energy to the audience of our country. Those who don’t share our opinion of the necessity of live shows lose an important aspect of their music. The organization of Black Metal concerts isn’t easy in Ukraine though, due to the absence of qualified organizers. So, sometimes the bands cooperate and organize everything by themselves.

With the recent advances in technology, the ‘underground’ has become much more ‘mainstream’, yes? How do you feel about all these changes? Is black metal meant to stay obscure and underground for the so-called ‘elite’ or spread far and wide to spread the dark disease upon humanity?

Black Metal has really changed… Part of it went to the sticky gloss and modern, or the mainstream in other words. The others stayed true to the initial ideas, yet evolved in some aspects. I think that Black Metal, today, has to be both on the earth and underground since it can’t be only one thing anymore. I obviously prefer underground, but the situation is like a peak of an iceberg. Let the regular people enjoy the peak, watching mtv, while the underground grows larger and larger and, someday, it’ll be ready to step out of the shadows and bring the Death.

What does the future hold for Virvel Av Morkerhatet? Have you begun working on your next release?

We plan to perform a few live shows and to finish working on the new stuff. After that we’ll do the recording. The news stuff will probably be out by the spring of 2011.

What are your final words?

Open the hell, consume the poison, find the shelter in a grave… And die!