Brazil’s Bode Preto has existed since 2009 and have recently released Dark Night, their first studio offering. Josh S. (vomits & guitar), Pablo viagra non prescription Necroso (bass) and JR Mortal Thrash (drums) bring us four very intense songs. The vipps online canadian pharmacy EP Dark Night is too short to make up your mind whether it is good or bad but it actually gives

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you an idea what you can expect from this band in future. Fast and furious deathpunk, I guess! The first track, Sweet fever, is an in cialis and viagra online your face kind of a start – full of morbid and tormenting riffs. Vermimoso is a total splatter where as Golden Darkness and In

the Realm of cialis forum discussion Satan close out this release with no energy lost. Musically, this is raw death metal with an old-school character. Looks like they have a lot of speed rock influences too. In songs like Golden Darkness and In The Realm Of Satan you get to hear influences of speed rock to the core. In short, these tracks come across as a raw mix of punky death/black metal . The production could have been better even though it is an EP. In most of the tracks we fail to hear the drumming as the guitar has taken the front seat. Also, the duration could have been more so that fans could have really enjoyed it. Their sleeve is fantastic and the colour used in this reminds us of Dark Funeral and Lord Belial albums. The lyrics focus on pain, blood, death, etc. and are more like death metal

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lyrics. precio mexico cialis Overall Dark Night is a good EP but not the over the top kind of stuff which we normally expect from a Brazilian band. (The link below will allow you to stream/download Dark Night