Pennsylvania’s Crucifier are one of the greatest bands in the underground! They’ve been around for 20 years and since then vocalist/drummer/founder, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion has been involved in many killer bands such Grand Belial’s Key, Decieverion, Infernal Hatred, Hearse and many more. Despite his somewhat lengthy resume, Crucifier have been kept alive throughout the years. Trampled Under Cloven Hooves had been in the making for some time but it was finally unleashed on 10″ vinyl by Paragon Records in 2009. Was it worth the wait? FUCK YEAH, IT WAS! I know this isn’t exactly the most current release but I feel that this EP deserves some more praise!

What we have here is gloomy yet hateful and morbid black/death that reeks of pure fucking evil that is just a little more on the death metal side this time. The production is filthy which adds to the raw power of these songs. The brooding intro/reprise outro track “Anger and Vengeance” definitely sets the mood and makes for a great album closer as well. The two brand new songs “When The Bough Breaks” and “Bible Burner” are some of Crucifier‘s best material to date. Well crafted and violent, these songs are filled with darkness and sheer malevolence; “Bible Burner” being my favorite track off of this EP. The twisted riffs are just downright insane as well as the slow, dissonant section in the song which truly gives off an aura of death! Of course, there’s an excellent re-recording of “The Funeral” and a cover of Viking‘s “Berserker”, which does the original version justice. There are absolutely no weaknesses to be found on this recording; the musicianship is great! For the final time, we have Necrodemius Hammerhorde on bass and Madman on guitar, both doing a killer job on this release! The Black Lourde of Crucifixion is great as always with his drumming style being very unique yet recognizable and his vocals remaining demonic and convincingly evil!

This is highly recommended if you’re into Nunslaughter, Sathanas, Grand Belial’s Key or Incantation but I must say that Trampled Under Cloven Hooves is mandatory for all headbangers! Along with their 2003 debut Stronger Than Passing Time, this is one of the better releases of the past ten years and yes, I know those are strong words for an EP. While many bands have turned to shit or just lost their fire after a few years, Crucifier have been kicking ass for two decades! Hopefully we won’t see an end to this band anytime soon!

Paragon Records