Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Coffinworm, Daisycutter
December 6, 2010
Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Indianapolis, Indiana

It was a quiet Monday evening, and a somewhat unlikely venue was about to be torn wide open by a four-headed beast of remorseless annihilation. This was obviously going to be the site of a massacre…the weak-willed need not enter! Two of Indiana’s finest in the world of mind-butchering mayhem were on the same bill with a couple of New Orleans, Louisiana’s most unapologetically lethal collectives (one being the legendary pioneers/gods of sludge themselves). To answer the time-tested question of “What could go wrong?”, the only apparent answer is: absolutely-fucking-nothing (except for the cancelled appearance of OC grinders, Phobia)!!

Dealing out the first assault on the evening calm were Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s powerviolence/grind warlords, Daisycutter. Rabid in their thrashy delivery and scorching in their short, hyperactive concoction of riffs, hammering percussion and S.O.D.-style vocals, these purveyors of break-neck chaos launched into numbers like “Myths and Deadmen” and “Mandatory Extinction” with a fury similar to that of an atom bomb fueled by a truckload of speed, without stopping until their message was crystal-clear and etched into the brains of all in attendance, with the subtly of a rusted icepick.

Indy’s own beloved brothers-in-sludge-encrusted-destruction, Coffinworm, were up next. The band once again brought their A-game to the table with the rampaging force of a satanic rhino thirsty for the sustenance of human innards. Sharing the stage with one of their greatest influences, vokillist Dave Britts and associates unloaded their arsenal of murderous dirges signaling that on this night, there simply was no room whatsoever for compromise. Posers be doomed!! With staples like “Start Saving for Your Funeral” and “High on the Reek of Your Burning Remains” (from the When All Became None full-length), the band delivered a set consisting of glaring proof of the fact that they’ve definitely claimed their spot in not just the local metal scene, but the entire world of underground lunacy. If, for whatever inconceivable reason, you have yet to witness Coffinworm in all of their glory and the thought of black metal harshness mixing with sludge-drenched psychosis makes you froth at the mouth like Cujo, your next obvious action should be to reverse your depressing misfortune by picking up their record and keeping an eye out for their next show!!

The first serrated-edge chapter of the evening’s NOLA-based punishment was brought forth by the hellfire sounds of those thrashy, death-fueled black metal demons we all know and love, Goatwhore!! Seamless in their performance and entrancing in presence, the band (featuring Ben Falgoust of Soilent Green and Sammy Duet (of Acid Bath fame) ripped through their set with no mercy. New and old fans alike raised horns and beers in allegiance during songs like “Razor Flesh Devoured”, “Apocalyptic Havoc” (from the band’s latest, Carving Out the Eyes of God) and “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult” (from the 2006 effort A Haunting Curse).  The dual-vocal team-up of Falgoust and Duet battered us all mercilessly with raspy screeches and banshee screams, respectively. Meanwhile, percussive thunder was provided by Zack Simmons in an apparent attempt to send the whole building straight to Hell. Being this reviewer’s first time to ever witness the Goatwhore frenzy in a live setting, it must be said that the band’s set was damn near perfect in all aspects!! Stay sick, stay fuck, stay Satan!!

Up next, the highly-influential, controversially-named, masters of feedback-drenched misanthropy…the almighty Eyehategod!! What can be said about this band that hasn’t been carved into stone already? Since their formation in the late eighties, they have continuously maintained their rightful seat on the sludge throne. Surviving hellish hurricanes and the perils of drug addiction, while pissing on the mainstream all the while, Eyehategod has inspired countless new acts with their detuned, bluesy riff-a-holic shitstorm like the true originators that they are. Frontman Mike IX Williams and his EHG cohorts were welcomed by the Indianapolis crowd with open arms. It can definitely be said that the band sounds better than they ever have, stronger than ever. Praise greeted the introduction of each song in the set. The likes of “Dixie Whiskey”, “Dogs Holy Life”, “Man is to Ignorant to Exist”, and “Shoplift” each blasted their own nails into the coffin of any doubt that Eyehategod are a goddamn legendary force to be reckoned with. Williams introduced “Sisterfucker” by questioning the crowd if anyone was guilty of said action before the band leaped headfirst into a feedback-sparked, alcohol-soaked explosion that continued until the last jarringly corrosive note. Pity those that didn’t witness the amazing spectacle of Eyehategod preaching the end-times message in the only Midwest appearance of one mind-blowing tour (a.k.a. this reviewer‘s pick for Best Show of 2010)!!

Photos by: Kris Arnold