Finntroll, Samael, Rotting Christ, Metsatöll and Nothnegal

Romein, Leeuwarden (NL)

Review by Laetitia
Photo’s by Ingrid

A strange combination of bands were put together and started touring. On this Sunday they played at a concert high up in the north of the Netherlands, in Leeuwarden of all places.

We from Metal Exposure and Forbidden Magazine always like a good Finntroll gig and wanted to see Rotting Christ. So we decided to visit this concert while already being dead tired from partying hard the day before.

The first band of the bill was Nothnegal. We’ve never heard of them before and the name sounded a bit black metal-ish. (Which was, as we found out later, a wrong first impression).

Nothnegal is a quite young band, they started out in 2006 and come from the Republic of the Maldives. They are signed by Season of Mist.

The sound in the venue was bad when Nothnegal started playing, but the more they played the better it got. The band had quite an audience but at first they had a hard time getting them to move around. Later on they got a few people headbanging and moving. The music and the show wasn’t very special, so it was for most people a way to get comfortable (socializing over beers).

Metsatöll played next. We had to eat, so we ate. Metsatöll is a band from Estonia. Formed in 1999 and has released quite some music since. If you want to check out their music, here is a link to their myspace page.

Rotting Christ, is one of the bands that we travelled all the way up north for. Actually, quite a lot of people we talked to visited this show just to see Rotting Christ. Meanwhile it was getting really crowded in the venue, moving around was hardly an option anymore.

From the start the band played enthusiastic but they weren’t received greatly by the audience. The response was moderate. Not everybody in the audience felt the same way, some started headbanging and the first moshpit started (at least, the first one we noticed.)

Rotting Christ played a really good show, some loved it, others did not. I’ve always managed to miss this band whenever they were playing on a festivals where I was too. Next time I’ll make sure I won’t miss them.

Samael is a band that we know a little bit but are not too familiar with, so we waited and were curious what a live Samael would be like. The show was great, they have a strong stage presence, a bouncy bassplayer and a singer who’s clothes where picked out of the same closet as Fuchs (DAR). They play metal with heavy industrial influences, something that we personally disliked. Also their drummer or electronic-man-dude only had half a drumset which looked kind of odd. The show was fine and most of the crowd thought the same, though I think they should have toured with other bands because they seemed out of place this evening.

Finntroll, is a band that doesn’t need any introduction. Most people came to see Finntroll. They opened with Blodmarsch and Solsagan, of course. The setlist was well balanced with songs from Nifelvind, Jaktens tid, Midnattens Widunder and so on. Of course, Trollhammaren was on the setlist along with Skogens Hämnd and Nedgång. We did miss Fiskarens Fiende on the setlist. The audience went absolutely beserk to the tunes of Finntroll. Half of the people were in a big, sweaty mosh- dance pit. After some serious watching we joined in and created a big wall of death. Dancing, drinking and banging were the keywords to the show, it was a feast. When the band left the stage for the first time, all the people started pounding their feet on the floor and shouting until the band came back. Finntroll was the band of the evening, the show was awesome and we have the bruises to prove it!